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MG mt5

This EA is made for D1 timeframe.

The default settings are for EURUSD D1. The minimum balance for work is $ 10. The recommended account is ECN (with the lowest spread).

This Expert Advisor trades on price pullback in case of divergence. Deals are opened at the opening of a new bar. For making good deals, there is protection against spread expansion and gap protection (by default, an ECN account with a small spread is configured). The work was tested only on EURUSD D1 timeframe.

EA advantages
  • Adapted to the real trading conditions
  • Opens trades on the closed bar improving the quality of operation and testing in general
  • Uses a stop loss
  • Added a virtual trailing stop (options: normal or virtual)
  • Features money management
  • WorkTF - working timeframe
  • UseVirtualStops - use virtual stop loss
  • UseRealStops - use real stop loss
  • Close Mode - closing method (Bar - to close the next bar, Trailing - to close the trailing transaction, Takeprofit - to close by take profit)
  • Maximal Spread - maximum spread for opening a transaction, in points
  • Maximal Gap - maximum gap for opening a trade, in points
  • Stop Loss - stop loss, in points
  • TrailStart - trailing stop activation distance, in points
  • TrailDistance - trailing stop distance, in points
  • TrailStep - trailing stop step
  • Lot - lot volume, 0 = autolot
  • Risk - risk,% depot for autolot
  • Magic - Advisor ID, not more than 6 digits
  • Slippage - slip

  • Trading on ECN or faster accounts is recommended
  • The EA is very sensitive to spread, it is better to choose a broker with minimal spread but with a commission
  • Make sure to use a VPN with the least delay
  • Choose the right risks for yourself

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