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Raw Income

For the FREE product please visit: Raw Income FREE on the MQL5 Market Place.

Raw Income is a breakout strategy that uses pending orders to catch quick movements in the market.
This strategy is typically a spike trader and is more active at high impact news.

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  • Terminal
    Values: Primary/Secondary
    This is another installation of Meta Trader 4 on the same VPS ( or different VPS ** ) but in a separate folder, you will have 2 x MT4 terminals installed and logged into same account.
    Add the expert to all the same charts on both installations except on one of the Meta Trader 4 installations set the input parameter Terminal = Secondary on all the charts.
    * The Secondary terminal is another process on the VPS serving as a backup trade manager ( 32bit workaround for fast market conditions ), it does not initiate trades, only manages positions that the Primary Terminal cannot.
    * If input parameter Aggressive == 1.0 then there is no need for a Secondary Terminal.
    ** If you are using the Cloud Hosting at MQL5 the you would need to order 2 separate VPS.
  • Comment
    The Trade Comment.
  • Magic
    1 = Magical Trading
  • Market Slippage
    The slippage in each order request.
  • Tick Filter
    A value of 2 means the pending orders are only adjusted every 2nd tick, higher values enable higher trading frequency and lower values allow better quality trading.
    Values: 1 - 5
  • Tick Samples
    The number of ticks used to calculate the average spread value.
    Values: 30 - 300
  • Trade Request Seconds
    The minimum number of seconds between each trade request. Some brokers only allow 1 request per second.
    Values: 1 - 60
  • Order Modify Seconds
    The number of seconds to adjust the pending stop orders.
    Values: 60 - 900
  • Start Hour
    The start hour for trading each day.
    Values: 0 - 23
  • End Hour 
    The end hour for trading each day.
    Values: 0 - 23
  • Aggressive
    The factor at which aggressive trading is activated. 
    A value of 1 is least aggressive and does not allow additional trades to be opened.
    Values: 1 - 5
    If you trade with a value greater than 1.0 then its recommended that you have a Secondary Terminal.
  • Max Spread Limit
    The maximum spread in points used to open new trades.
  • Min Spread Limit
    The minimum spread in points used to calculate trade parameters.
    This is an important parameter for pairs that have low spread it allows the strategy to trade similar to larger spreads.
    The following settings are all measured as a representation of the pair's spread.
  • Signal Size
    The distance measured in spreads that the strategy uses as it's signal to open positions or adjust orders.
    Values: 0.5 - 5.0
  • Order Distance 
    The distance measured in spreads that the order will be placed from the market price.
    Values: 1.0 - 100.0
  • Max Distance
    The maximum distance to keep orders within this distance in spreads from the price.
    This value must be greater than Order Distance.
  • Stop Loss
    The number of spreads used for the Stop Loss.
    Values: 1.0 - 100.0
  • Max Trailing
    The maximum distance the trailing stop will be set.
    Values: 1.0 - 100.0
  • Trailing Target
    The distance used to calculate the lag on the trailing stop.
    Values: 1.0 - 50.0 
    This value should be greater than the Max Trailing value.

mprioretti 2018.10.12 15:53 

I'm trying it in demo account with the new set for icmarkets! for now it's fantastic! the author gave me excellent and fast assistance !!

Borislav Serdarev
Borislav Serdarev 2018.10.12 07:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Walid Ayyadi
Walid Ayyadi 2018.10.10 17:48 

i have rent your ea and now test begins 500 usd deposit date 10/10/2018

Version 3.4 2019.01.23
added dollar averaging
Version 1.63 2018.10.25
Change Risk management
Set Defaults to be more conservative
Version 1.48 2018.10.18
Fixed large stop loss when spread was too wide
Version 1.47 2018.10.18
Sorry for many updates
There was a problem with position closed at value of spread on same tick as open
Version 1.45 2018.10.16
Tester was running out of memory
Version 1.44 2018.10.16
faster backtesting
Version 1.41 2018.10.15
Reverted some changes
Version 1.40 2018.10.15
fixed array out range error
Version 1.39 2018.10.14
Improved execution of Secondary Terminal
Adjust Default Sets
Introduced new Slippage Parameters
Version 1.38 2018.10.13
Added functionality to limit number of operations per day
Delay time on the Secondary terminal
Version 1.37 2018.10.08
fixed trailing stop with commission accounts
Version 1.36 2018.10.08
Fixed error 131
Version 1.34 2018.10.06
Improved performance
Version 1.26 2018.09.26
Fixed TP
Version 1.25 2018.09.23
Added preorder functionality
Added double down target
Version 1.19 2018.09.12
Adjusted default risk
Allowed Trade Exit value to be 0 ( disable early exit )
Version 1.18 2018.09.11
Added support for secondary terminal
Early Exit parameter has been added