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Rush Point System

Rush Point System

It is a detector indicator of breakage of support and resistance with continuity force.


The Rush Point System detects in real time when a buying or buying force exceeds the spread limits in order to consume large quantities of lots placed in the book, which made price barriers - also called support / resistance.

At the very moment of the break, the indicator will show in the current candle which force is acting, plotting in the green color to signal purchasing power and red to signal sales force, keeping the colors active until the end of the movement.

During the aggressive movement, the indicator may soften the red or green color, indicating exhaustion in the movement.

Suggested Reading:

Candle Green: Sign of breakage of resistance
Green Candle Smoothing: High motion exhaust signal
Red Candle: Support Break Signal
Candle Red Smoothing: Low motion exhaust signal

Note: Smoothing does not determine end of movement, but exhaustion. It is common for the market to take some breath and resume the trend next.

Special Parameters:

The Rush Point System is equipped with support for advanced alerts, fully configurable by the user. Are they:

  • Sending signals by email
  • Sending sound signals on the PC
  • Sending signals through the cell phone

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