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  • The trend line is drawn using ZIGZAG.
  • Entry will be done when the trend line is broken out.

Indicator Parameters

  • magic - Please set a magic number which is not the same as other EA.
  • FUNDA - If you only want to buy, please set 1. If you only want to sell, please set -1. if you wish both, please set both 0 .
  • lots - Please set the number of lot of positions.
  • profitPips - Please set the profit of the position.
  • losscutPips - Please set the losscut of the position.
  • ReverseMode - When breaking out the trend line, if you want to take a position opposite, please set it to 1.
  • MaxTradeCountDaily - If you want to trade only once a day, please set 1.
  • Resistance_Color - Please set the color of the Resistance.
  • Support_Color - Please set the color of the Support.
  • depth - Please set the depth of ZIGZAG.
  • RepaintMode - If you do not want to repaint at all, set to 0.
  • MaxSpread - Please set the maximum SPREAD of an acceptable broker.
  • deviation - Please set the deviation of ZIGZAG.
  • backstep -Please set the backstep of ZIGZAG.

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