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Warrior HT

This EA works randomly. Transactions are made completely unpredictable, depending on what signal will determine the EA itself, randomly. Since Forex is also a completely unpredictable market, this EA is very surprising with its results. Note that even in the strategy tester, the results will always be different since the random number selection is not tied to the terminal. Even if you put the EA on several pairs at the same time, the results for each pair will be random when opening trades at the same time.

If you think that the behavior of the market is impossible to predict and Forex is always moving erratically, perhaps this Advisor will Be very useful to you because it is chaotic. In the settings you can set a virtual stop loss, take profit and trading time for each day of the week.

Advisor settings

  • Auto Lot - Automatic lot. Calculated by the formula: Lot = balance/AutoLot*0.01;
  • Lot - Lot orders if the value of the AutoLot = 0;
  • Multiplier - Lot Multiplier;
  • Slippage - Maximum allowed slippage;
  • Stop Loss - Virtual Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit - Virtual Take Profit;

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