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For a long time, market profiles, clusters and other methods of data accumulation were not available in the spot market. Instead, traders had to use futures data, consider expiration, price divergence and other details. Now, the market profile is available on the spot market. You do not have to install a third-party software. Everything is available right from MetaTrader terminal. Experience of the futures market software developers has been considered. The data is displayed in the manner that is most convenient for traders. Besides, you will easily be able to use technical indicators right on the same chart.

The greatest issue in standard programs is combining the profile and price action analysis. Here, these two methods easily complement each other rising your trading to a new level. In cluster analysis applications, the data is displayed as columns of figures or vertical histograms. This limits the scale and, as a result, the sizes of price action patterns become too large and do not fit in the screen. Besides, it is impossible to take advantage of the candlestick presentation of the price, since that data is not displayed or displayed implicitly.

As a result, standard technical analysis and indicators developed in isolation from the cluster analysis, as they use completely different conditions for displaying data. This indicator tries to eliminate this gap and combine the best features of each of the two methods. The candlestick presentation and various colors for bullish and bearish candles have been taken from the graphical analysis. Horizontal profile and the volume distribution inside the candle in the form of color intensity have been taken from the cluster analysis.

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