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BlackKnight uses patterns to recognize profitable setups. It is trained on 8.5 years of data on EURUSD. Should be traded only on EURUSD, timeframe M1. Other symbols might be also profitable but they are not yet trained.

BlackKnight can trade with or without using grid. Grid should be enabled if account balance is large enough (depends on user preference, backtest to decide) so that profits can be maximized.


  • MagicNumber: used to mark trades placed by BlackKnight. If there are other experts running they should have different magic numbers.
  • UseMM: if true, EA will size trades based on account balance, otherwise fixed trade size will be used.
  • RiskPercentage: if UseMM=true this variable sets the risk per trade in percentage of account balance.
  • FixedRisk: if UseMM=false this variable sets the risk per trade in units of deposit currency.
  • TradesPer100: sets the maximum number of simultaneously open trades per side for each 100 units of balance. Meaning: if account balance is $600 and TradesPer100=2.5 EA may open up to 15 buy trades and 15 sell trades.
  • MinutesBetweenTrades: force EA not to open more than 1 trade after the last one for this many minutes.
  • TopPatternsPercent: EA has ain internal list of profitable patterns. TopPatternsPercent tells which of these patterns may be traded. 100 means all of them (100%), 25 means to trade only the top 25%, etc.
  • GMTOffset_Min: use this GMT offset (in minutes) (must match broker data).
  • GridAllowed: enable or disable grid trading
  • GridDistance: if grid trading is enabled, additional trades will be opened after this many prips in drawdown.
  • GridMaxSize: controls the maximum number of trades in a basket.
  • GridLotMultiplier: sets the trade size multiplier for grid trades. WARNING: should be left at 1.0 otherwise you risk losing your account!

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Version 1.3 2018.09.04
Improved trading performance on EURUSD,M1.
Version 1.2 2018.08.27
Decreased take profit target of trades, changed internal patterns to trade more often. Default grid settings also changed to a 2 level grid with reasonable distance between trades.