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Prompt JT

The EA analyzes the market behavior and makes trades if the price has passed the required number of points within a certain time. The EA uses virtual take profit, stop loss, trailing stop. You can also set the trading time for each day. We recommend setting the EA at the beginning of the week for each pair separately. When setting the time consider the release of important news as the robot earns only on a sharp price movement. You can use any currency instruments, any timeframe and leverage. Recommended Deposit from 16 USD.

Remember that news trading requires a broker with minimal slippage when opening and closing orders. Then the results of real trading will practically coincide with the results of the strategy tester (provided that the correct quotes are loaded in the strategy tester).

Настройки советника

  • Auto Lot - Automatic lot. Calculated by the formula: Lot = balance/AutoLot*0.01;
  • Lot - Lot of orders if AutoLot = 0;
  • Time (sec) - The time, in seconds, for which the price must pass Step points;
  • Step - How many points to pass;
  • Slippage - Maximum allowed slippage;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit - Take Profit;
  • Trailing Stop - Trailing Stop (0-disabled);
  • Trailing Step - Step of the Trailing Stop;

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