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Emollient EA

Emollient EA uses a technique called MMM (Market Maker Method). It detects patterns called W, M and StopHunter to identify a beginning of a trend or a reversal. Price action and Moving average Indicators are also used to confirm the patterns. Emollient EA first identify M or W pattern and wait for a StopHunt before placing a trade. Emollient EA auto trading software will eliminate the trader's emotions affecting his or her decisions by coding a great strategy called MMM strategy.

Emollient EA Works Best and Tested with EURUSD H1. (Reason: Low spread and volatility)


Expert Advisor test results: Emollient EA having initial deposit of $1000 have earned $8,739.81 on EURUSD H1 SPREAD=CURRENT in the period from July 01, 2017 to July 01, 2018. Net income comprised earned $8,739.81 in 12 months, AutoLots : True and Drawdown=34%. You can receive similar result data by downloading the demo version and testing it. Make sure your Modelling Quality is 90% or higher.

Features and Remember

  • Free Emollient News & MMM eBook(Worth $450) for 15 first Buyers.
  • After Selling 25 Copies, Emollient EA will be withdrawn from the market. (Reason to Keep the EA profitable)
  • 25 strategies and everyone will not trade the same way because trading all the same way is dangerous and all can easily be manipulated. (Demo and Rent : Normal Strategy)
  • Smart EA : It contains an embedded technique to learn about market manipulation and broker tricks.
  • Turbo Magic Number : Buy and get a secret Magic number and It will activate turbo profit (Not applied on Demo or Rent)
  • Minimum deposit is 100 USD with 0.01 lot or use AutoLots : True.

Input Parameters

  • AutoLots : Automatically calculate the volume of the order .
  • Lots        : volume of the order. If AutoLots is true, Lots is ignored.
  • MaxBuy   : Number of buy Order. If MaxBuy =2 When The EA Receive a Buy Signal, It will place 2 Buy Orders
  • MaxSell   : Number of sell Order. If MaxSell  =1 When The EA Receive a Sell Signal, It will place 1 Sell Orders
  • Magic      : Number that allows using the same EA with different chart in one terminal.

João Carlos
João Carlos 2018.09.29 22:08 

I rented this EA and It is great. I need people to put money together and buy it and share license. inbox me

Masahiro Makoto
Masahiro Makoto 2018.09.27 21:04 

Great and wonderful EA. Support is great

Smith Stuggatt
Smith Stuggatt 2018.09.24 12:13 

For now 5 * I hope It wont change anytime soon but I am still watching. great EA and great assistance.

Gerhard Günter
Gerhard Günter 2018.09.21 15:22 

Het is geweldig en de gids is nog beter. Het heeft me ook geholpen mijn handmatige handel te verbeteren. MMM-strategie is een echte deal.

Abd al Rashid
Abd al Rashid 2018.09.20 00:38 


Alexei Panfilov
Alexei Panfilov 2018.09.15 20:08 

Большое вам спасибо, и мне это нравится

James Anthony
James Anthony 2018.09.13 16:42 

In French we say : Merci beaucoup. My love for Forex is back. I can also make profit.