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OnPoint Expert Adviser

OnPoint EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor with no use of martingale, grid and arbitrage etc.

The robot analyzes the market volumes and volatility, and follows strong supply and demand movements. It is a scalper EA, so the average trade length is almost 10 min.

OnPoint EA uses fixed stop loss in each trade and the win rate is over 80%.

Real live monitoring can be found here : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/450096

Requirements :

  1. The EA has been optimized for EUR/USD with M15 TimeFrame.
  2. To get the same result as I get, you should use ECN brokers that offer low spreads.
  3. For successful robot operation, it is important to use VPS server that is located in the same location of your broker's server(low ms).
  4. Brokers that offer low commissions will significantly increase your profit.
  5. The minimum deposit is 100 USD.

Set Files

Optimized set files will be provided in the comments section.

You can decrease the Drawdown by decreasing the Risk parameter.


It is important to backtests OnPoint EA with the modeling quality of 99.9%, It is a scalper EA, so every point can effect the final result.

  • Backtesting is almost match with live trading, there is small difference because of the slippage.


It s very important to have a low ping with the broker server, Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPS server which is located in the same location of your broker's server.


  • Stoploss : Stop loss in points;
  • TakeProfit : Take profit in points;
  • MagicNumber : Magic number;
  • AutoLot : Enable/Disable automated lot calculation;
  • Risk : Risk per trade (percent of deposit used);
  • FixedLot : Fixed lot;
  • Breakeven : Breakeven in points;
  • TrailStart : Trailing stop in points;
  • UseTimeFilter : Enable/Disable EA operation in the specified time;
  • From : Start trading hour;
  • To : End trading hour;
  • MondayHour : Start trading hour in Monday;
  • CloseFriday : End trading hour in Friday;

AlexJunes 2018.09.29 10:04 

One of the best expert advisors.

I have been running this EA for almost 2 months and it is doing great performance!

I was using 2% risk, but now I can increase it to 20% with confidence.

Thank you Mr.Moatasem for your great support.

5 stars for sure!

Version 1.20 2018.11.03
1) Error fixed in AccountFreeMargin() check.
2) Improve the performance of the EA.