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RSI Mashka

The trading robot RSI MAshka is designed primarily for committing rare, but fairly accurate transactions for the sale of EURUSD.

The main idea is to determine the moments of the market drop and calculate the conditions for entering the sale.

To find the conditions for entering the market, the system is equipped with 7 indicators of two types, the analysis of which occurs on 3 timeframes. These are oscillators and trend indicators.

The trading robot did not require an account type, and can work on any accounts.

The system uses classical indicators and does not need any additions.

Optimal parameters of the system are provided only for transactions for the sale of EURUSD and do not provide for purchases.

It is recommended to use the Expert Advisor on the M1 timeframe.

Nevertheless, you can use trading systems on any currency pairs and on sales and purchases.

System Settings

  • StopLoss - the size of the stop loss in pp.
  • TakeProfit - the size of the take profit in pp.
  • Lots - a fixed number of lots of one transaction. If 0, then the mode "money management" (parameter "Percents") is activated
  • Percents -% of available funds for one transaction
  • BUY - purchase transaction. True - enabled
  • SELL - a deal to sell. True - enabled
  • RSI1_Period - the period of the indicator RSI # 1
  • RSI2_Period - period of indicator RSI # 1
  • First_Level - the first level of RSI
  • Second_Level - second level of RSI
  • Third_Level - the third level of RSI
  • Fourth_Level - the fourth level of RSI
  • ATR - ATR 1 indicator period
  • ATR2 - ATR 2 indicator period
  • First_Level_ATR - the first level of ATR
  • Second_Level_ATR - second level of ATR
  • Third_Level_ATR - the third level of ATR
  • Fourth_Level_ATR - the fourth level of ATR
  • MA1_Period - indicator period Moving Average 1
  • MA2_Period - indicator period Moving Average 2
  • MA3_Period - indicator period Moving Average 3
  • k1 - coefficient of the trend force for MA 1
  • k2 - coefficient of the trend force for MA 2
  • k3 - coefficient of the trend force for MA 3
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