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EasyControls is a control panel for 'one click' trading.


  • Installation of pending orders and/or opening position
  • Removal of pending orders
  • Closing an entire position or half of it
  • Position trailing (moving stop loss after the position makes a certain number of points in the profit direction)
  • Indication of the current spread and trend direction
  • Indication of the profit/loss of open positions

Description of the elements:

  • Lot - Lot for orders or positions
  • Price +/- - offset from the current price for pending orders (in points)
  • Loss - stop loss for orders or positions in points from the opening price
  • Profit - take profit for orders or positions in points from the opening price
  • Tr. start - the count of points from the opening price, to start trailing position
  • Tr. step - a step for trailing position
  • Buy - opens a buy position at the current price
  • Sell - opens a sell position at the current price
  • BL - opens a Buy Limit order
  • SL - opens a Sell Limit order
  • BS - opens a Buy Stop order
  • SS - opens a Sell Stop order
  • Del Buy - deletes pending Buy orders
  • Del Sell - deletes pending Sell orders
  • Close 50% - closes half of the open position or completely closes if the minimum lot is used
  • Close 100% - closes the open position
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Version 1.3 - 2015.03.19
Bug fixes.
Added indications of spread and trend.
Added option "step" for trailing.
Version 1.2 - 2014.03.24
1. Positions can now be closed with two button - one for partial close and another one for full close.
2. Added the possibility to chose the location of the panel on the chart.
3. Fixed memorization of the panel position.
4. Fixed restoring the panel after a restart of the terminal.
5. Now the panel memorizes inputed values.
Version 1.1 - 2014.02.27
- Fixed error with self-minimization of the panel.
- Orders now are chosen via buttons (faster and more convenient).