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Easy Panel PRO

A must have. Our one click trading panel give you an time execution advantage, time between decision and execution is one of the most important thing when you place an order. With our panel you can : Place and modify all current order and further order in one click. This intelligent panel give you ability to close All order or just order for the current symbol when Profit reach a certain ammount, really appreciated for the scalping.


  •  Magic : Set the magic number
  •  Horizontal_position : Set the horizontal location
  •  Vertical_position : Set the vertical location
  •  SoundON : Active/Disable Sound Alert


  • Enable_IP = Close all trade for the current symbol when reach [Amount $] profit.
  • Enable_TP = Close all trade for all symbol when reach [Amount $] profit.
  • Close All = Close all trades and pending order for the current symbol in o ne click.
  • Modify (Tp/Sl) = Set Take Profit and Stop Loss for all order of the current symbol.
  • Balance = Balance amount.
  • Equity = Equity amount.
  • Margin = Free Margin.
  • Today profit = Global profit for today.
  • Open Buy Order
  • Open Sell Order
  • Set Lot size

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