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The description

Autobot is a consultant (EA) that uses custom indicators to identify trends with a high probability of success
and if the trend reverses with a lag, the positions will be managed by an intelligent system.

The strategy has a security filter that prevents the possibility of entering a low-chance trend of success.

It is (EA) and hybrid for the recovery of losses.
This system uses a grid that increases the batch size once the stop loss is reached.
The size of the grid is limited to 8 per security, usually this one and 5.

For added security, all orders open their Stop Loss records at your broker.
In case of computer problem, the autobot will resume where it left off.


  • Platform: Metatrader 4
  • Minimum number of periods: 1110


  • Minimum deposit: 10,000 units
  • Unit of time: M30
  • Virtual Private Server: (VPS)


  • Financial market: EURUSD - AUDCAD
  • Accounts: 4 and 5 digits
  • Maximum difference: 0.00030
  • Management: (FIFO)


  • Maximum acceptable capital risk in%: 50 "default maximum"

Money management

  • The initial lot is calculated on the% of the balance.
  • The maximum acceptable capital risk in% and spread over the amplitude of the stop loss.
  • Capital growth: exponential

For any significant improvement of the autobot, the rent will be reevaluated

I invite you to make a comment so that I can always provide you with a better service.

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