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Pitchfork Panel

An Indicator for drawing of 15 types of Pitchforks

This indicator designed for traders who are working professionally with pitchforks.

By using this indicator, we can draw 15 types of new and very professional pitchforks, based on the main pitchfork.

  1. Standard_Schiff
  2. Modified_Schiff
  3. Mikula_Schiff
  4. Dologa_Schiff_1
  5. Dologa_Schiff_2
  6. Dologa_T_Pitchfork_B
  7. Dologa_T_Pitchfork_C
  8. A_B_Corner_Pitchfork
  9. A_C_Corner_Pitchfork
  10. A_C_Vertical_Pitchfork
  11. A_B_Horizon_A_Pitchfork
  12. A_B_Horizon_B_Pitchfork
  13. A_C_Horizon_A_Pitchfork
  14. A_C_Horizon_C_Pitchfork
  15. Inner_Pitchfork

How to Use

1st Step:

select 3 pivots/fractals for draw the main pitchfork. And draw a pitchfork. This pitchfork called “Main Pitchfork”.

2nd Step:

Pithcfork_Panel indicator, needs previous swing specification to drawing of following pitchforks:

Dologa_Schiff_1, Dologa_Schiff_2,Dologa_T_Pitchfork_B

For this purpose, draw a trend-line which can introduce the previous swing.

3rd Step:

Attach the “Pithcfork_Panel” indicator to the chart.

4th Step:

copy the name of main pitchfork from “main pitchfork” properties, and then paste it in “Pithcfork_Panel” indicator properties.

5th Step:

Now, do the same for trend-line, copy the name of trend-line from “trend-line” properties, and then paste it in “Pithcfork_Panel” indicator properties.

6th Step:

Now, use the menu of “Pithcfork_Panel” indicator, and select any type of pitchfork.

By select each one, the indicator draw a new pitchfork, based on “main pitchfork” and “trend line” properties.

select one or more types from menu.

7th Step:

If we select “main pitchfork” or “trend line” and move each point of them, all types of pitchforks will be change.

8th Step:

After all, remove the indicator from the chart like this.

Indicator Parameters

  • Main_Pitchfork_name: This indicator will draw 15 pitchforks based on the pitchfork which you enter its name in this field
  • Dologa_Line_name: This indicator will draw 3 pitchforks based on the main pitchfork and the trend line which you enter its name in this field. (
  • Dologa_Schiff_1, Dologa_Schiff_2,Dologa_T_Pitchfork_B)
  • Pitchfork color: Select the color of 15 pitchforks
  • Style of pitchfork lines: Select the color of 15 pitchforks lines.
  • the width of pitchfork lines: Select the with of 15 pitchforks lines.
  • Background pitchfork: Show the Pitchforks as background or not.
  • Highlight to move: If false, you can`t select the pitchfork
  • Pitchfork's continuation to the left: If true, all pitchfork lines ray to Left.
  • Pitchfork's continuation to the right: If true, all pitchfork lines ray to Left.
  • Hidden in the object list: In Object list menu you can`t see these pitchforks.
  • Priority for mouse click: Priority of selection between two or more objects.
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