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Xlesia Ultimate

This EA works when a big trend occurs and awaits the right moment of correction. It can run on more than one currency pair. Stop loss always exists. This EA passed backtest from 2000. One thing to note, this EA is sensitive to wide spreads, that is why this EA uses the spread filter.


  • Pairs
    • EURUSD
    • GBPUSD
  • Timeframe
    • M1
    • M5
    • M15 (best result)
  • ECN is strongly advised.
  • Minimal balance is $100.
  • I recommend running it on VPS but you can also run it on your PC.


  • Period = 5 (1-10, smaller number will make transactions more frequent)
  • Lot_Fix = 0.01 (fixed lot, setting parameter MM into false to use a fixed lot)
  • MM = true (lot open by percentage of balance)
  • TP_Mode =false (set true if you want to use take profit mode)
  • TP_Stop = 0 (take profit setting in pips)
  • Spread_Filter = 0.5 (does not operate if a spread is higher than this set)
  • MagicNumber = 7054 (magic number)

If you have any questions, send me a private message. Also contact me for product support.

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Version 1.4 2018.08.03
for now spread filter also delete pending order
add take profit mode
remove force mode