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Logarithmic Scale MA


The logarithmic scale MA indicator is the additional indicator for using on the logarithmic scale chart.

This indicator will draw MA lines on the logarithmic scale chart.

Simply add the indicator on the "Logscalechart" indicator and set the inputs like the normal MA indicator and you will see the MA in logarithmic scale.

If you disabled the "Logscalechart" by pressing the "ON/OFF" button, You will see the MA in mathematical scale.

Chart settings

  • Color settings: the MA line color can change through the "colors" tab of the indicator's properties window.

Indicator Parameters

  • Period: The period of MA.It must be a number greater than 1. Period 1 will calculating for numbers smaller than 1.
  • Shift: Will shift the MA lines to left or right by entered value.
  • Smoothing: The type of smoothing:
    • Simple
    • Exponential
    • Smoothed
    • Linear weighted
  • Price: The types of price:
    • Close price
    • Open price
    • High price
    • Low price
    • Median price
    • Typical price
    • Weighted price
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