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Core V200

About EA 

This is a mathematical EA that can survive in all market scenarios such as trending/ranging/sudden jump/low volatility.

It is very sensitive to some important values, such as broker leverage, initial capital, spread, commissions, etc. Please refer to "Account and Optimal Setup" section. Otherwise, you will have losing trades instead of profitable ones. 

The recommended pair is GBPUSD. However, it is also suitable to the pairs with big average daily range, such as GBPAUD, GBPCAD, etc.

It is martingale system, usually this system will have good equity curve but will blow your LIVE account one day. However, it has 4 functions to handle the worst case scenarios. Therefore, everything are under controlled and this system will let it lose (Subject to the appropriate risk level) under worst scenarios instead of blow/wipe out all your account money. Eventually, your account is still able to grow or make money in future trades.


  • EA Name - name is displayed at account transaction's comment, so you always know, which position is under this EA
  • Magic Number - magic number
  • Day Trading (True=day, False=week) - set true to trade every day
  • Trade on Sunday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Sunday
  • Trade on Monday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Monday
  • Trade on Tuesday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Tuesday
  • Trade on Wednesday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Wednesday
  • Trade on Thursday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Thursday
  • Trade on Friday (day trading only) - set true to trade on Friday
  • Start Time (format is "22:30:20") - start trading at this time
  • Stop Time (format is "02:30:20") - stop trading at this time
  • Stop Time (Fri/Sat Only; format is "02:30:20") - stop trading at this time, for only Friday and Saturday 
  • Grid Distant (pips) - the distance to open buy stop and sell stop order. Refer to optimal value
  • Target Distant (pips) - the target distance for both pending order. Refer to optimal value
  • Minimum Lot - the minimum intital lot size to be purchased
  • Delta - the minimum lot size will be increased/decreased based on Account Balance x Delta value
  • Maximum DD/Risk (%) - stop the operation if account equity reaches maximum risk level 
  • Maximum Orders - to limit maximum pending orders to be placed per operation

Account and Optimal Setup

Account Setup

  • Try to apply high leverage account. Recommended - 1:400. So you can have smaller margin and can start with small capital.
  • Can purchase the minimum lot 0.01
  • Spread must be lower than 1 pips. Fixed spread is recommended. Higher spread will have a bad result in short run.
  • No commission, but if you have it, make sure you understand it. Profit for one trade (multiple positions) is "Target Distant" x cost of 1 pip movement. (E.g: 10 pips target x $10 = $100 dollar)
  • Support of any currency trading account.

Optimal Setup

  • Time frame - 1 minute
  • Grid distant - 10 pips
  • Target disant - 40 pips 
  • Minimum lot - Account Capital / 50 000
Account capital $500 - Minimum Lot is 0.01
Account capital $1000 - Minimum Lot is 0.02
  • Delta - 0.50
  • Maximum DD/Risk - 20
  • Maximum Orders - 10 

Other settings are set to default values stated inside the EA input or displayed at these screenshot.

This EA might be improved in future for better winning probability, auto lot and less input parameters. 

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