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TrailingStop Plus Free

This is the trial version of the TrailingStop Plus Expert Advisor. Limitations: the maximum position volume is 0.01. The trial version can be used as a basic model for generating requirement specifications of individual orders.

The main purpose: applying the TrailingStop function when trading manually or using another EA. The built-in trading function can be used both to test the EA's performance and for independent trading in the manual or semi-automated mode. Trading direction is defined by a trader. The EA cannot be used for long-term trading in the fully automated mode - it is not provided with required functions. However, semi-automated mode under a trader's control can be very effective.


  1. TrailingStop
  2. Trade
  3. TrendControl
  4. Account-info

TrailingStop - 3 options:
- fixing breakeven
- basic trailing with a dynamic trailing distance change depending on the profit level
- protection from loss of profit using a tight stop loss when the price approaches a take profit level.

The Trade function allows:

  1. automatically open positions in a grid with a given step and the specified number of orders;
  2. open market positions manually;
  3. manually set virtual or standard stop and/or limit orders. The main advantage of virtual orders is that they ignore stop levels, which are often very high. Virtual orders can be selected and moved.
  4. the graphical interface allows you to constantly see and quickly change the settings in both the tester and in real trading.
  5. in grid trading, you can set the NextCycle_interval parameter, which opens a new cycle in case of a drawdown, if the distance from the last position exceeds NextCycle_interval + Stop_Distance.

The TrendControl function consists of four indicators and forms a trading signal. Any number of indicators can be used, while disabled indicators will be ignored in the signal formation. Since the robot is not designed for a long independent fully automated trading, the function is informative: it notifies traders of the presence/absence of a trading signal with given settings. Subject to an individual order via Freelance, the function can be used without any problems for automatic trading. It is also possible to change the set of indicators and add the Drawdown Control function.

Account-info shows the most important account information. The info panel is located at the bottom of the chart and can be removed by clicking the appropriate button.
The pyramiding calculator displays the profit/loss ratio if SL combines profitable and loss-making positions in the appropriate direction. it shows what part of profit can be lost during the price reversal. If the ratio is bad (Loss>65-75% ), SL can be tightened. The second application method is reducing the volume with minimal losses - combine SL so that the same loss is received when closing by SL. The calculator shows the possible loss percentage.

A detailed description of menu items and corresponding buttons and windows of the graphical interface is published in the Comments section.
User manual (in Russian) and set files are available here: Expert Profit Nipple. Manual


  • Initial_deposit - used for Account-info calculation
  • Lots/TakeProfit/StopLoss - for all types of orders
  • Stop_Distance/Limit_Distance - pending order distance
  • Virtual_ON - virtual or standard pending orders
  • Buy_Grid/Sell_Grid - enable directions for automated grid trading
  • Next orders maxNumber - limit on the number of orders
  • Grid_Step - grid step
  • NextCycle_interval - allowing new cycle in case of a drawdown
  • OrderMoveStep - virtual order moving step
  • Base Trailing Start - basic value for calculating trailing distance
  • TP_Distance_Percent/NipSL_Distance - take profit settings
  • NoLoss_ProfitLevel/NoLoss_SL_Distance - breakeven settings
  • TF/bigPeriod/bigDiffer/minPeriod/minDiffer - "stick" indicators settings
  • Sar1_TF/Sar2_TF - Parabolic settings

If you are almost satisfied with the operation, make an individual order for the desired modification via Freelance. Modification will be performed quickly and efficiently.

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