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Proactive Plan

The expert is made to fulfill your trading strategy and execute timely the routine tasks of orders' setting and activation, control of the price volatility and direction, and profit maximization for each open trade.

You are the strategist, the expert is an executor!

The expert is applicable to all symbols and works via the mobile app MT4.

-- General settings -- 

  • Magic number  - unique ID (number >=0) for expert transactions
  • Lot size - lot size
  • Stop Loss (0-disable) - stop-loss level in pips
  • Take profit (0-disable) - profit level in pips
  • SMART ORDERS (1-Yes, 0-No) - on/off for SMART ORDERS settings
  • SMART TRAIL (1-Yes, 0-No) - on/off for SMART TRAILING settings
  • Slippage - max price slippage while opening transaction (in pips)


-- SMART ORDERS settings --

Settings for SMART-ORDER mode. Here You define the strategy for the expert: automatic or SELF trading. For automatic mode you choose a specific or ALL signals.

  • Order trade type - list of trade types (Buy, Sell, Buy and Sell)
  • Min Price-to-Order gap (10+) - min gap between price and order (10+ pips)
  • Min Order-to-Order gap (10+)  - min gap between the orders (10+ pips)
  • Order signal type - list of signal types for SMART-ORDERS: 

    1.  Self - Self-trading mode with the general settings and SMART-TRAILING option
    2. EMA ShortLongMiddle - follow-the-trend orders from the exponential moving average levels
    3. OBV divergence/convergence - orders in the direction of divergence / convergence  per On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator
    4. Support /Resistance level -  orders from the support (purchase) or resistance (sale) levels
    5. Trend lower edge/upper edge - orders from the low (purchase) or the upper borders (sale) of the trend channel
    6. ALL - orders for all signals. But also, you can assign priority to signal types in the priority settings.

  • Signal timeframe  list of time frames for signals
  • Wash orders (1-yes, 0-No) - on/off for orders removal settings
  • Wash range - range for orders removal in both directions from the price (in pips)
  • Max Order life (hours) - time for orders removal (in hours)
  • Order offset (0-25 pips) - distance from a trend-type signal level inside the trend channel 


-- SMART TRAIL settings --

Settings for SMART-TRAILING mode. If regular trailing just moves stop-loss closer to the price when you are in profit, SMART-TRAILING floats back-and-forth with the price while remaining in profit to overcome short price retracements in the long trend.

  • Follow price mode (1-Yes, 0-No) - on/off for SMART-TRAILING mode
  • Regular trailing stop (10+) - regular trailing activation (min 10+ profit pips)
  • SMART trailing - rollback for SMART-TRAILING (in pips)  
  • Price impulse (%) - min price change (in %) for SMART-TRAILING activation
  • Min SMART trailing profit - min profit when closing position by SMART-TRAILING (in pips)
  • Start SMART trailing stop - activation of SMART-TRAILING (profit pips)

-- Loss trade limits settings --

Limitation settings for order with the same signal type after a losing trade (OR-type conditions). Value 0 - settings are off.

  • time_order_limit (minute) - time limitation (in minutes)
  • price_change_limit (%) - price's delta limitation  (%)


-- EMA signal settings --

The period settings for EMA-short, EMA-long, EMA-mid signals (in days)


-- PRICE ACTION breakout settings --

Settings are made to analyze the shape of last candles using the Price Action method looking for signals on upcoming price reversal in the case of losing trade. With the received signal, the expert closes current losing trade and opens (just once) a reversed position with a double lot ans same common settings.

  • Breakout_mode (Yes/No) - on/off breakout mode
  • Loss _% - loss in % of the stop-loss level
  • Last_Pin-bar_tails (%) - the length of the last bar's tails (in %)


-- Signal Priority settings --

Priority settings for ALL signals mode (see ORDER SIGNAL TYPE settings above). The higher is the set number, the higher is the priority of the signal in the ALL mode. Example of values for signal priority: ​​from 10 to 1. With the 0 value - chosen signal is turned off.

-- Additional settings –

  • Draw Signal Lines (true/false) - on/off settings for drawing of signals on chart
  • Historical bar quantity (max=1000) - historical number of the last bars for tracing the trend (max = 1000 bars)

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