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Aeron Grid EA with SL and TP

Based on Grid pattern, still SL and TP can be set to each position. Its features prevent it from keeping too many positions like an ordinary GRID EA.

Features of this EA

  • We have seen good result on EURUSD and on H1 Timeframe.
  • Tight spread and 5-digit brokers are recommended.
  • For large accounts you can set just a part your account for this EA. For example, if you have 50,000 USD account, you can allocate 10,000 USD to this EA.
  • Even it is on GRID pattern, you can set SL and TP to each position.
  • One great feature in this EA is Automatic_Dilute, which prevents this EA from keeping many positions even it is based on Grid pattern. Please read following for more details about this parameter.

Parameters of this EA

All DEFAULT parameters are recommended. If any parameter's value is ZERO then it means that the EA will decide its value automatically and calculated value will be displayed your chart.

  1. Amount_to_be_Used=0 - you can allocate whole or part of your account balance to this EA. But if it is zero then the EA will automatically decide what amount should be used for very safe trading, and it will be display on your chart.
  2. Lots=0.5 - This parameter works only when Automatic_Lots=FALSE.
  3. Automatic_Lots=true - If it is true then the EA will calculate Lots size automatically as per the following parameter Percentage_for_Lots.
  4. Percentage_for_Lots=2.0 - This parameter works only when Automatic_Lots=TRUE. If Percentage_for_Lots=5 then EA will use 5% of Amount allocated to open Lots size. For example, if Amount_to_be_Used=$3000 and Percentage_for_Lots=5, then the EA will use 5% of $3000, i.e. $150 to open lots size.
  5. Lots_Multiplier=3.0 - If it is 2, then subsequent lots will open in multiplication of this factor.
  6. Take_Profit_Pips=500 - If you set it 100, then on 4-digit brokers it is 100 pips and on 5-digit brokers it is automatically as 1000 pips.
  7. Stop_Loss_Pips=500 - same as above.
  8. Distance_Btw_Position=5 - It is the minimum distance in pips between 2 successive positions. If you set it 50, then on 4-digit brokers it is 50 pips and on 5-digit brokers it is automatically as 500 pips.
  9. Distance_Multiplier=1.0
  10. Hour_Btw_Position=12 - Time gap between two successive positions in HOUR.
  11. Profit=0.0 - If it is 0 then this parameter will be automatically calculated by the EA & you can see its value on the chart. This is the value in USD (depends upon your account currency). If there is only one opened position and its profit is equal to this parameter's value, then the EA will close this position.
  12. Profit_Multiplier=5.0 - If it is 2.0 so now suppose there is only 1 open position on your account then above defined parameter Profit will has its default value. In another scenario if there are 2 open positions by this EA on your account then value of the above Profit parameter will be ProfitX2, similarly if there are 3 positions then Profit parameter will be valued to ProfitX2X2. Now when all opened positions cumulatively comes in profit equal to this new Profit value, then the EA will close all of them at once.
  13. Maximum_Lots=0.0 - It is maximum value of Lots size which the EA can trade. If it is 0.0 then it is automatic calculated and its calculated value can be seen on the chart.
  14. Total_Positions=30
  15. Reset_Days=60 - Here you can specify the number of days. If any trade by the EA is being old equivalent to Reset_Days then the EA will close out all positions and will fresh start.
  16. Reset_Profit=5 - this is the percentage of Amount_to_be_Used. For example, Reset_Profit=5 so now if all positions by the Aeron EA is greater than or equal to Amount_to_be_Used x 5 / 100 in profit, then EA will close out all positions and will fresh start.
  17. Reset_Loss=100 - same as above.
  18. Automatic_Dilute=true - By default we set it TRUE. This parameter prevents the EA from opening and keeping many opened positions to reduce drawdown. To understand its working read the following parameter Dilute_Start_After.
  19. Dilute_Start_After=0 - If Automatic_Dilute=TRUE and Dilute_Start_After=2; then as soon the EA opens 3rd position, then this parameter comes in action. This parameter checks the sum of profit/loss of last opened position and last-but-one opened position, if both are cumulatively greater than zero(0) then the EA will close them. Because of this account remains safe and you see more profit with less drawdown.
  20. Start_Hour=0
  21. End_Hour=24
indihome 2018.07.05 15:11 


michaelfx965 2018.07.04 04:46 

I started it on my Tickmill $5k. It's grid is very clever. I will update more about my account. Till now all is good.

Pranjali Agarwal
Pranjali Agarwal 2018.07.03 20:27 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

danichirri66 2018.06.29 20:01 

de momento bien ,después el fin de semana que haré mas pruebas y si la veo bien la pongo en la cuenta centavo real ,si hay se mantiene bien a cuenta standar

01/06/2018 : Varias pruebas realizadas y prefiero seguir con Aeron eursd .en relación calidad precio, 30 $ no hijo 400 $, con Aeron Grid EA con SL y TP en varias pruebas se carga la cuenta, pero Aeron eursd es mucho mas confiable.

por supuesto que solo es mi opinión y solo respecto a las pruebas realizadas con el probador del MT4

un saludo y suerte