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OneGoodTrade UsdJpy

OneGoodTrade is an Expert Advisor which makes one trade per day. It uses the MACD indicator to determine the current direction of the trend. Then, at the beginning of a certain hour, the EA opens a buy or a sell trade depending on a certain direction of the trend. The trade volume is set in inputs via the Lots parameter. After the opening of a trade, the EA sets stop loss and take profit at a fixed distance from the opening price. If the trade is closed by take profit or stop loss, the EA waits for the next day and for the moment of opening a new trade. If in the next day, by the time of the opening of the next trade, the last day's trade is still open, then it is immediately closed, result is fixed and then a new trade of the current day is opened. This procedure is repeated every day.

If the previous trade was closed by stop loss, a new trade opens with a relatively increased volume to ensure compensation for the loss. As soon as the next trade closes with profit or the maximum allowed volume is reached, the volume increase is finished and it returns to the initial volume set by the Lots parameter.

Input parameters

  • Lots - the volume (number of lots) of the trade.
  • GmtOffset - the deviation from the GMT time of your broker's trading server (on which this Expert Advisor is running).
  • IsCommentStatus - enable/disable comments of the current status of the Expert Advisor.
  • IsPaintTrades - enable/disable drawing of trades (draws opening prices of trades + levels of take profit and stop loss).


The EA is fully tuned and optimized ONLY for trading on the USDJPY currency pair.

Additional information

Below, on the screenshots, you can see the EA testing report from the beginning of 2013 to June 2018 and the animation of the Expert Advisor's work.

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