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Abra Kadabra Free MT5


  • This is the free version which has all features except that the lot is limited to the minimum allowed size (0.01). To get the full version please click here.
  • Abra Kadabra is a Scalping Expert based on hunting the reversal of the major trends where the price is exhausted and should recover a little bit.
  • The landmark here is diversion of risk, where the EA will trade up to 29 pairs simultaneously, trying to get you only few trades from each so you will only get 1-2 ultra-filtered trade every day.
  • The EA uses multilevel complex algorithm and multitimeframe analysis to determine when a specific trend will be exhausted and rebound. When the price reverses, it will scalp a few pips before the trend continues on its way.
  • To make the EA very safe, we have added a very strict system to filter the required trades, so some pairs may have only one trade per month or even 5-6 trades per year.
  • No risky measures used at all: no martingale, hedging nor arbitrage.
  • You can use either direct TP & SL with virtual properties or trailing and breakeven settings to make the EA suit your requirements.
To know how to use every parameter and how to adjust the EA, please read the guide from HERE (reading this guide is mandatory).


  • Magic Number: Give each pair a unique number
  • TakeProfit: in pips
  • StopLoss: in pips
  • Enable Virtual Stops: make TP and SL only virtual on chart as a virtual line
  • Add Emergency Stops: add number of pips to your virtual TP and SL to be real (hard) TP and SL in case the terminal is closed
  • Lots Calculation
  • Lots: For Fixed option
  • Risk % of balance: Calculated from StopLoss (only in full version)
  • Freeze % of Balance: this option will give you a lot size that will lower your Free Margin by that specific percentage. For example: if you entered 30% and your capital is $1000, your Free Margin will be lowered by $300 (only in full version)
  • Volume Upper Limit: Max lot that can be calculated (only in full version)
  • Trailing: Enable/disable
  • Trailing Activation: after how many pips in profit the trailing should start
  • Trailing step: adjust the trailing level every time the price moves this amount of pips
  • Trailing Level: How many pips will be the distance between SL and the current price
  • BreakEven: Enable/Disable
  • BreakEven Activation: after how many pips in profit the breakeven should start
  • BreakEven Level: How many pips will be the distance between SL and the opening price
  • Time Filter
  • Start Time: in hours (0 means open hours)
  • Stop Time: in hours (0 means close hours) (ex: start > 8, stop > 20)
  • Weekdays filter: choose, in which days you want to trade
  • Other Options
  • Max Spread: This will be your Max Spread to open a trade. If your current spread was higher than this value, then the trade will not be opened
  • Max Slippage: This will be your Max Slippage to open a trade
  • Comment: Enter here your preferred Comment
  • Spread Meter: A meter that will display on the chart to show you the Current, Max, Min and Average spread
  • Status: Show the Status of the EA
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Version 1.1 2018.06.29
1. All Pairs now can have the same magic number
2. Fixed Trailing and Breakeven Settings