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Pacificator is a fully automated Expert Advisor that follows a trend and performs its built-in algorithms. The Expert Advisor uses standard indicators. The expert uses ten strategies, for each currency pair you can choose the appropriate strategies.

Strategy Nr 1 is based only on the extremes of the candle .

The strategy of Nr2 is based on the extremes of the candle and the strength of the trend.

Nr3 strategy is based on candle extremes on all timeframes.

The strategy Nr4 is based on the candle extremes and the Stochastic Oscillator.

The Nr5 strategy is based on the candle extremes and the Larry Williams' Percent Range indicator.

Nr6 strategy based on the extrema of the candle and the Awesome Oscillator.

The strategy Nr7 is based on the candle extremes and the Moving Averages Convergence / Divergence indicator.

The Nr8 strategy is based on the candle extremes and the Commodity Channel Index.

The Nr9 strategy is based on the candle extremes and the Moving Average and Relative Strength Index indicators.

The strategy Nr10 is based on the candle extremes and the Moving Average indicator.

The order is opened by one of the strategies, which is better at the moment the signal.

In the adviser there are standard stop loss and take profit, there are also virtual stop loss and take profit. Also there is a trailing stop standard and virtual.

Smart filters are also used, which are optimized for the conditions of your broker.

The Expert Advisor is configured by default and is ready to work on currency pairs (no optimization is required).

Pacificator EA uses no grid, no martingale, no arbitrage, no hedges, and the best part is running fully automatic.

The principle of the adviser's work: The adviser on signals of indicators buys or sells. Orders are closed by trailing stop, take profit, stop loss.

It is recommended to use an adviser from brokers with low spread, low commission and fast execution. Such conditions are provided by most ECN-brokers.

Your trades will be protected by stop loss.


Requirements and Recommendations

  • Please use this EA on M5 - H1 timeframe
  • VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly advised.



  • Strategy Nr1 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 1 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr2 OFF/ON Enable or disable 2 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr3 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 3 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr4 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 4 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr5 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 5 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr6 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 6 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr7 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 7 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr8 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 8 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr9 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 9 strategy.
  • Strategy Nr10 OFF/ON- Enable or disable 10 strategy.
  • Filters Nr1 Settings – 1 filter settings. It is recommended that 0.1-2.00,  0.1 step.
  • Filters Nr2 Settings– 2 filter settings. It is recommended that 1.00-2.00,  1,00 step.
  • Maximum Spread - the maximum allowable spread in pips.
  • Use Trailing OFF/ON - trailing stop enabled or disabled.
  • Trailing Stop – length trailing stop in pips, if 0 then there is no trall.
  • Trailing Step - move the stop loss no closer than StepTrall, in pips.
  • Start No Loss – transfer to breakeven for a given number of points of profit, if 0 then there is no transfer to breakeven.
  • Min. Profit NoLoss – minimum profit when transferring to breakeven.
  • Use Virtual Trailing OFF/ON– virtual trailing stop, stop loss and take profit is on or off
  • Virtual Stop Loss– virtual stop-loss, if 0 then off.
  • Virtual Take Profit – virtual take-profit, if 0 then off.
  • Virtual Trailing Stop– the length of the virtual trail in pips, if 0 then there is no trall.
  • Virtual Trailing Start – the beginning of a virtual trailing stop in pips.
  • Virtual Trailing Step – step move virtual stop-loss in pips.
  • Start hour - operation start hour (broker time!).
  • Stop hour - operation end hour (broker time!).
  • Lot Size - fixed lot.
  • Take Profit - take profit in pips.
  • Stop Loss - stop-loss for reversal deals in pips.
  • Maximum slippage- maximum allowed slippage in pips.
  • Magic - used to identify orders.
  • Comment - a custom comment.

Tobias Grosse
Tobias Grosse 2018.06.29 14:12 


Real trading results are about factor 7 lower compared to tester (spread in tester 11 vs. real spread 3 !!!)

Broker Tickmill. VPS ping 1.3 ms

At least the results are overall positive. I will update my review if something changes.


Results are overall negative now.

Version 2.0 2018.08.16
Added a virtual stop loss, take profit and a trailing stop.
Replaced trailing stop, on more effective. The break-even function is added. The filtering of signals is simplified. Advisor is optimized for currency pairs.