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Junior Trend

Expert Advisor that uses breakthrough strategy to open positions. The EA allows one trade at a time(per currency pair), so there is no additional risk for the user. It offers Money Management Systems(MM) - AutoLot based on account equity and,of course, manual lot size set up. On further updates the Money Management strategies would be expanded. All parameters are optimized. Hour Selection Mode - When desired, user can easily set up hours of non-trade.

Lot Management : Two setups available for money management- auto and manuallot. When Auto mode the lot size is determined by a percent (LotPercent) of the current available free margin, which reduces risk. Also we implemented an ancillary defense against sudden loss - the max loss percent.

Note! If a user needs a modification to the current EA, we would gladly help you with it!

Best TimeFrame: H1 - EUR/USD. No Martingale or high risk

What do you get

  1. 4/5 Digit Broker Setting
  2. Not Spread Sensitive
  3. No high risk strategies
  4. Balanced trading algorithm with constant profits
  5. Auto and manual lot determination system
  6. Lowered risk via the use of stop loss on every trade
  7. Hour filtering - set up hours for the EA for non-trade

Indicator Parameters

General Inputs

  • TakeProfit in pips - The Takeprofit distance from the price measured in pips
  • StopLoss in pips - The Stoploss distance from the price measures in pips
  • Slippage - The tolerance for order opening if the price changes
  • Magic Number - The unique number trades are taken with, used for order filtration

Indicator inputs

  • K-Line period Stoch Oscilator - The period for the K-Line of the Stochastic Oscilator (optimized)
  • D-Line period Stoch Oscilator - The period for the D-Line of the Stochastic Oscilator (optimized)
  • RSI Period - The period for the RSI indicator (optimized)
  • RSI Level for SELL - The level above which buy trades can be taken (optimized)
  • RSI Level for BUY - The level below which sell trades can be taken (optimized)
  • Buy trades Stoch Level - The level above which buy trades can be taken (optimized)
  • Sell trades Stoch Level - The level below which sell trades can be taken (optimized)
  • MA Fast Period - Period for fast Moving Average
  • MA Slow Period - Period for slow Moving Average
  • Price Type - Price type used by the Moving Averages to calculate
  • MA Method - Method of calculating the Moving Average

Money Management

  • AutoLot - Allow Automatic Lot calculation
  • Manual Lot Setting - If AutoLot is not enabled this input determines the lot size
  • Lot Percent per balance - If AutoLot is enabled, you can set the balance percent to be traded with

Hours Filtration

  • Use hour for Non-Trade - Allow Hours Filtration(during selected hours no trades will take place)
  • Start Hour GMT - Start Hour for non-trade
  • End Hour GMT - End Hour for non-trade
  • End minutes - End Minute to conclude the non-trade
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