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Abra Kadabra Pro

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  • Abra Kadabra is a Scalping Expert based on hunting the reversal of the major trends where the price is exhausted and must recover a little bit.
  • The landmark here is diversion of risk, where the EA will trade up to 29 pairs simultaneously, trying to get you only few trades from each so you will only get 1-2 ultra-filtered trade every day.
  • The EA uses multilevel complex algorithm and multitimeframe analysis to determine when a specific trend will be exhausted and rebound. When the Price reverses it will scalp a few pips before the trend continues on its way.
  • To make the EA very safe, we have added a very strict system to filter the required trades, so some pairs may have only one trade per month or even 5-6 trades per year.
  • The system is protected with News filter with many options where you can choose which news you want to avoid and for how long.
  • Please add http://ec.forexprostools.com/ to the listed URLs in your terminal to enable the news filter.
  • Modified Martingale system added with option to only open trades upon signal to make it as a reserved recovery system

    *To know how to use every parameters and how to adjust the EA please read the guide from HERE (reading this guide is mandatory)

    * Take a look about My choice of broker for this EA from Here

  • Settings

    • Magic Number: All pairs can have the same magic number but reserve the following five numbers for Martingale trades
    • TakeProfit: In pips
    • StopLoss: In pips
    • Enable Virtual Stops: make TP and SL only virtual on chart as a virtual line
    • Add Emergency Stops: add number of pips to your virtual TP and SL to be real (hard) TP and SL in case the terminal is closed
    • Max Trades : limit the global number of trades in the whole account
    • -------
    • Lots Calculation
    • Lots Mode: Choose whether being Fixed or Automatic
    • Lots: For Fixed option
    • Risk % of balance: Calculated from StopLoss
    • Freeze % of Balance: this option will give you a lot size that will lower your Free Margin by that specific percentage.
    • Volume Upper Limit: Max Lot can be calculated
    • -------
    • Trailing
    • Trailing Activation: after how many pips in profit the trailing should start
    • Trailing step: adjust the trailing level every time the price move this amount of pips
    • Trailing Level: How many pips will be the distance between SL and the current price
    • ------
    • BreakEven
    • BreakEven Activation: after how many pips in profit the breakeven should start
    • BreakEven Level: How many pips will be the distance between SL and the opening price
    • ----
    • Martingale: 
    • Max Martingale trades: Max are four trades
    • Multiplier: This number will be multiplied in last trade lot size
    • MartingaleStep: After how many pips the EA should open Martingale trade or look for signal to open
    • Upon Signal: opening of Martingale trades to be upon signal or instant after Martingale Step
    • Accumulative Stops: TP and SL will be the sum of all Martingale trades plus the original one
    • Accumulative TP: This number is in Currency (do not ever make it zero)
    • Accumulative SL: As above but for loss
    • Separated TP: Each Martingale trades will have their separate TP in pips (disabled=0)
    • Separated SL: As above
    • Comment1: Comment for the first Martingale trade
    • ----
    • Correlated Pair Settings
    • Max USD : The max number you want to buy or sell USD across all pairs
    • USD Base Pairs : edit the pairs to suit ur broker
    • USD Quote Pairs : edit the pairs to suit ur broker
    • Similar settings for all currency
    • ----
    • News Filter
    • Low-Med-High-NFP News: Enable or disable a specific type of news
    • Suspend before low-med-high-NFP: How many minutes the EA will be disabled before the release
    • Suspend after low-med-high-NFP: minutes to be disabled after the release
    • Draw News Lines: Draw the news as lines on the chart
    • Low-Med-High Color: Choose the color of every type
    • Reminder for URL : Reminding you of adding the URL to the settings
    • Time Filter
    • Start Time: in hours (0 means open hours)
    • Stop Time: in hours (0 means open hours) (ex: start > 8, stop > 20)
    • Weekdays filter: choose in which days you want to trade
    • ------
    • Other Options
    • Max Spread: This will be your Max Spread to open a trade
    • Max Slippage: This will be your Max Slippage to open a trade
    • Comment: Enter Here your preferred Comment
    • Spread Meter: A meter that will display on the chart to show you the Current, Max, Min and Average spread
    • Status
    • SL Notification

Armin Heshmat
Armin Heshmat 2018.11.06 11:40 

Its been a month that i use this ea and it dosnt loose any it just working amazingly and my real acc keep growing biger and biger i highly sugest that to every trader.also suport and backup its wonderfull . Im really satisfy with it .

dieter112 2018.10.29 13:33 

Very good in version 1.3, five stars, also for Mohameds fast and helpful support, he really cares for every single customer. I run the ea live since version 1.1 and there had been some trouble in the beginning, but all together I did not lose money at all in this period.

Since september I run 1.3, where all bugs and troubles seemed to be improved: not one losing trade any more, and a reasonable Draw Down!

I will jump to version 1.5 next weekend and hope, the ea will keep or even improve its performance. Thank You Mohamed, Your work convinced me.

Chong Seng Lei
Chong Seng Lei 2018.09.28 09:34 

Running the EA for 2 months! Stable profit return with reasonable DD during the period! And author is very kind to help out with my setting problem! Thank you Mohamed! Keep the good work!

TRADEAUS 2018.08.30 23:38 

Using the system more than two weeks, it is working wonderfully. Appreciate and praise author for his great work. I will trust his work and giving 5.

Bernhard Falkner
Bernhard Falkner 2018.08.30 21:11 

Perfect Ea Fast Support from Mohamed

Alesamo 2018.08.11 07:21 

I am sorry that I need to spoil the party here a bit... Started the EA with all 29 pairs on 31 July on a demo account with 3k and 0.1 lot. Up to now I must report a realized loss of 11.6% and a floating drawdown of $ 323 (so another 11%)... Maybe bad timing, but I do not agree that these are "highly filtered entries with high probablity"... 2 stars for the efforts of Mohamed and how he treats customers. Of course I will update my rating should there be any improvements.

Update 20.09.18:

I upgrade my rating to 4 stars since Mohamed honestly cares about his customers and does everything to make this EA successful. Also, the new version(s) show much lower drawdown. Just started a test of V1.3; should it consistently be profitable with low drawdown for a longer time period I will further upgrade to 5 stars.

Mark Us
Mark Us 2018.07.05 09:54 

#### 5.07.2018 5 Stars

After reinstallation

1. "When you install the EA again anywhere just disable autotrading while installing then enable it after one hour for example"

2. "Enable High and NFP News"

The EA works good on my Demo Account. Going live in some weeks.

### 30.8.2018

I am not Live, but I started another 6 week Demo Account Testdrive.

### 15.9.2018

up & down

### 30.9.2018

switch to my All Stars EAs... but -1 Star because martingale setting ;), still on demo

### 13.11.2018

v 1.3 not Stable on my Demoaccount -2 Star, next try with Version 1.5

okba boudersa
okba boudersa 2018.06.26 21:43 

nice EA from mohamed big result for all pairs only aud/usd

Jens Bruns
Jens Bruns 2018.06.12 06:50 

Hey Mohamed, thank you for that great EA! The Entrys are better than ever and so far only wins. Keep up the good work

Hisayoshi Muramatsu
Hisayoshi Muramatsu 2018.06.08 19:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.06.08 16:17 

I have installed this and Mohamed is always very helpful. This should be one that is even better than an earlier EA and I have installed it and running it on the 29 recommended pairs. It took a winning trade just when I started and then it took another two winning trades and is now waiting for a fourth trade to hopefully make profit. So far so good. Looks very promising. I have changed my settings to only use 5% risk and the High news and NFP news set to true. (June, 2018).

It is still running on one of my accounts and it's doing a great job. So far all trades have been winners. Sometimes it doesn't trade for a while, but that's ok. It's better to make winning trades than making risky trades. So I am still giving this the 5 stars and Mohamed is always helping out. (July, 2018)

I just want to update my review and say that this EA is still making profit. Like I said earlier. Still no losing trades. All are winners. I changed some of the default settings and it works fine for me. (September 2018)

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.06.08 12:57 

Maravilloso, faltan estrellas para valorar mejor al producto.

Version 1.5 2018.10.28
Synchronization with MT5 Version
Version 1.4 2018.10.12
1- Modify The approach for all pairs , Now the decision for making trades has become more precise specifically ahead of big news
2- Integrated Solution for Hyperactivity happened in the first week of any new account ( Please Revise The Guide to know how to activate it )
3- Put a Mobile Notification for Specific SL level you define in settings
4- Remove Dailyfx.com as source of News
5- Put a switch to enable or disable messages to remind you of News Filter URL
Version 1.3 2018.09.17
1- Fix Martingale bugs
2- Accumulative Stops now only work with Martingale
3- Adjust "NZDUSD" Approach
4- There will be a space between trades , there will be no trades opened immediately after closing the previous ones
Version 1.2 2018.08.20
1- Increased the approach efficiency for : "AUDUSD", "EURCHF", "GBPJPY", "EURJPY", "SGDJPY", "EURAUD"

2- Adding a whole new option making you capable of limiting the number of trades on the correlated pairs ; for example : now you can only buy USD once in all 29 pairs and no more orders to buy USD will be allowed whatever the pair

3- Now you can limit the global orders number on the whole account
Version 1.1 2018.06.27
- All pairs now can have the same magic number
- Fixed trailing and breakeven settings
- Added martingale system