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Setslav Scalper S1 Aud Nzd Jpy

Setslav_Scalper_S1_AUD-NZD-JPY is a multifunctional complex of systems, strategies, styles, developed specifically for working on real accounts, which does not require any strict conditions or a specific broker. It works under any market conditions:

  • not sensitive to slippage;
  • not sensitive to spread expansion;
  • easily manages intraday fluctuations;
  • easily sustains small gaps.

The Setslav_Scalper_S1_AUD-NZD-JPY operation is based on four strategies (rebound - rollback) for each instrument independent of each other. Each strategy is based on three indicators + mathematical calculations and technical analysis on a separate timeframe. All parameters can be optimized for any trading style.

Additionally, Setslav_Scalper_S1_AUD-NZD-JPY is able to trade in different trading styles, which allows for full diversification of risks. All buyers will be provided with a number of set files for trading in 4 different styles:

  • Project-1.set: - conservative (short-term, intraday) style. The default settings are used. It uses individual stop loss for each order with a risk of about 2% of the deposit, while the profit is summed for all orders of one strategy. No more that 2 orders are used per strategy.
  • Project-2.set: - this is an updated, mixed style, which includes both intraday as well as long-term trade. A common stop loss and a common profit are used for all orders of the same instrument. The Loss / Profit ratio is 1.6, with the default settings for this project, the loss will be fixed when you reach -8% of the deposit for all orders of one strategy, the profit will be fixed when you reach + 5% of the deposit for all orders of one strategy. This project uses a sophisticated setting using TrailingStop, opening orders in the positive area, opening orders in the negative area, the step, the time between the orders. The advantage of this style is that even loss-making positions on the strategy can be compensated by a series of profitable orders opened at another time.
  • Project-4.set: - trend (long-term) style. This style is designed to fix a large profit in the trend movement of the traded instrument. The level of profit-taking has been increased 3 times. Uses a very complex setting using TrailingStop, opening orders in the positive area from the previous one, increased step and time between orders. The stop-loss level for each order is individual (separate), with a risk of about 3.5% of the deposit, with the profit is summed for all orders of one strategy.
  • Project-5.set: - medium-term style. A common stop loss and a common profit are used for all orders of the same instrument. The Loss / Profit ratio is 3.0, with the default settings of this project, the loss will be fixed when -6% of the deposit is reached for all orders of the same strategy, the profit will be fixed upon reaching + 2% of the deposit for all orders of one strategy.

Attention! Any of the styles can easily be configured as a conservative (less risky trade), and under aggressive trade.

In essence, you get 4, absolutely different experts trading in different styles with different risks. And this is not the limit! You can choose the settings that suit you, and create your own style (unlike the others). Setslav_Scalper_S1_AUD-NZD-JPY makes it very easy.

Some, possible schemes for managing and distributing money for risk diversification in trade with Setslav_S1 experts are presented and described here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720405

Instruments used in trading:


Timeframe: M30

Very important! Parameters (Symbol_1,2,3) in the EA settings should not be empty! For correct work, use the .set files (Project.set), or the correct settings:

.....Symbol_1 = AUDJPY
.....Symbol_2 = NZDJPY
.....Symbol_3 = AUDNZD

! -> Run the EA on one chart only (either AUDJPY, NZDJPY or AUDNZD), trading will be performed on two pairs simultaneously, independently of each other.

Disable the panel to accelerate a test. To do this, set Use_Panel to false.


  • In all trading styles of the Expert Advisor, there is always a restriction of losses, no any floating drawdowns;
  • There are no dangerous methods of trading, such as martingale, grid, averaging, etc.
  • You can work with a small leverage (from 1:10);
Arno Richter
Arno Richter 2018.08.21 09:20 

Very good EA !

bulat1992 2018.08.04 11:17 

Плохой продукт. Использовал 3 советника Project-1 на 1 счету, результаты очень плохие. Не рекомендую к покупке. https://alpari.com/ru/investor/pamm/416837/

Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia 2018.06.04 22:20 

Well, this is the last one of the Setslav Series, my impretion its positive, same algorithm, diferent pairs, same results as the original, with a few days working with this pairs and after some positive results, im really sure thats gonna be a success like the others Setslav Series, no doubth. In this chance i wish to mention the services and clarification from Stanislau, always available with quick and honest responses. By the way, take a look to CAD-JPY-CHF, its hot and making the numbers..and again 5 Stars.

Version 2.1 2018.08.24
Fixed bug: not displaying the panel on the chart.
Version 2.0 2018.08.24
1. Improved trading algorithm when using multi-level stress optimization in different modes, styles in different phases of the market.
2. Added a trend filter that filters the false signals in the low-volatility market.
3. The SL level is reduced from 120 to 70 pips, for all strategies of all pairs. This allows us to reduce trading risks without reducing the volume of the lot + increase the frequency of opening positions.
4. Integrated a new unique style: Project-5.set, allows the EA to entry the market more often while using not high risk.
5. The Project-2.set style has been completely updated and modernized, by the same analogy as CAD-JPY-CHF and EUR-USD-GBP, which greatly reduces the risks and allows you to safely trade in this style.