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Harmonics BAT Pattern

This is a Harmonics Bat pattern EA. It can identify different variants of Harmonics Bat patterns (Bullish and Bearish) and accurately place trades. It has the following features:

  1. It provides the option of automatically determining the best take profit and stop loss point.
  2. Determines a good point for entering trades based on a projected D point of the Bat patterns.
  3. Trade management by using flexible stop loss, trailing stop loss and partial of full take profit.
  4. There is also a possibility to toggle on/off a built-in martingale function.

All timeframes and currencies are supported, but please note that it is recommended that you perform optimization for best parameter settings.

Input parameters

  • EA_Name: This name of EA will be printed in the comments of each trade
  • Choose EA Mode: Chose whether the EA should open real trades (Trading Mode) or just send alerts (Alert Mode)
  • BB_RSI_Combination: Choose the indicator (Bollinger Bands and/or RSI) combination for entry
  • EntryCondition4PointD_EntryLine: Choose the relationship between the Bat pattern point D and the drawn entry line
  • PointDTouchFromEntryLine: Max clearance pips from point D to entry line to be counted as touched
  • MaxBarsBtwPointDAndIndiSignal: Maximum bars between indicators confirmation point and D line cross point
  • MinEntryPipsInPredictedDn: Minimum entry pips in predicted direction before trade is opened
  • MyRecoupCondition: Choose whether to use lot multiplier to recoup losses or not 3 options:
    1. Use Lot Multiplier Only When Acct Balance is Below Initial Value
    1. Use Lot Multiplier When A Trade Ends in Loss
    1. Don't Use Lot Multiplier
  • AutoCalcMultiplier: if true, EA will automatically calculate multiplier for recouping losses
  • UseFixedMultiplier: This specifies the multiples of fixed lot to add (if AutoCalcMultiplier=False)
  • MaxNumOfTradesPerTime: The maximum number of trades per currency opened at a time
  • Magic Number: Trade magic number, if this value=0, the EA will automatically calculate a magic number
  • UseHiddenTPnSL: Hide the set stop loss and take profit from displaying on the chart for broker’s view
  • FixedLots: Minimum trading lots size when auto recoup lot multiplier is not used
  • UseDrawnSL_LineForSL: Use the drawn stop loss line for trades stop loss (automatic stop loss calculation)
  • StopLoss: Use fixed stop loss in pips
  • TrailSL_Pips: Pips of stop to trail after breakeven
  • BreakEvenAdd: Pips to add above/below Open price at breakeven
  • TakeProfit: Use fixed profit in pips
  • ChooseExitModeAtFixedTP: Choose exit mode when fixed take profit is hit:
    1. Close Partial, Breakeven & Start Trailing
    1. Close Full Lot
  • PercentOfLot4PartialClose: Percentage of lot to close at take profit, this is used close partial is selected above
  • Slippage: Allowed trade slippage in pips
  • MaxSpread: Maximum allowed spread

Confirmation Indicators' Settings

  • BarsBack: Numbers of chart bars to consider in finding pattern
  • RSI Period: RSI indicator period
  • RSI Sell Level: RSI indicator Sell level
  • RSI Buy Level: RSI indicator Buy level
  • B_Bands Period: Bollinger Bands period
  • B_Bands Deviation: Bollinger Bands deviation
  • ShowComments: Show chart information
  • XABCD_LabelColor: Text color for labeling X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
  • XABCD_LabelFontSize: Text font size for labeling X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
  • LabelPipsFromXABC: Text distance in pips from the X, A, B, C and D points of the Bat pattern
  • RemoveAllObjectAfterDeinit: Toggle to remove or leave all drawn objects after expert's deinitialization
  • ShowFibLines: Show parttern Fibonacci lines on chart
  • bigText: Toggle to display big text of the pattern name on chart
  • bigTextSize: Font Size of the big text of the pattern name
  • bigTextColorBullish: Color for the big text of the pattern name (Bullish)
  • bigTextColorBearish: Color for the big text of the pattern name (Bearish)
  • bigTextX: X coordinate position of the big text of the pattern name
  • bigTextY: Y coordinate position of the big text of the pattern name
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