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Black Box EURUSD evening MT5

This algorithm uses statistically justified comparison of historical prices, moving average and output values of Williams R and Stochastic indicators in order to take decision whether it is necessary to open a position. Prior to giving birth to a new EA, this logic was created as a result of usage of stochastic methods and then tested on historical data and checked with Monte Carlo method, which, of course, does not guarantee any results in the future.

The bot is designed to trade during evening hours on EURUSD M15. Despite the fact that this condition is not obligatory, trading logic assumes that no positions should remain open during publications of significant economic news like Non-farm Payrolls.

From machine learning point of view, the EA should be optimized every month using 170 day interval.

Default settings presume that servers of chosen broker work in widely spread EET time zone (4 PM - 10 PM by default). If it is necessary to set up trading in UTC time zone, the user should deduct 3 (in Winter time) or 2 from the default time settings.

It is not recommended to change the trading range and the instrument itself due to the fact that the logic of the algorithm was created for specific behaviours of currency pairs during specific time periods. Default trading volume is set to 0.05 standard EURUSD lots (EUR 5000 on a typical non-cent account). In order to trade this volume comfortably, your deposit should not be less than EUR 200 given that you use effective leverage equal to 1:25.


  • magic - "magic" number, identifier of the EA for marking its own positions
  • start_hour - time, at which the EA commences trading
  • stop_hour - time, at which the EA ends trading, stops sending orders and closes positions
  • friday_close - trigger that determines the individual end time of trading on Fridays
  • friday_close_hour - time, in which the EA ends trading on Fridays
  • lot - volume of opened positions
  • pips_breakeven - amount of pips earned in profitable position that triggers setting SL to entry price
  • wpr_period_1 - period of the first Williams %R indicator
  • wpr_period_2 - period of the second Williams %R indicator
  • sma_period - period of the SMA indicator
  • stoch_k - period %K of the Stochastic indicator
  • stoch_d - period %D of the Stochastic indicator
  • stoch_slowing - slowing parameter of the Stochastic indicator
  • stoch_control_1 - value that controls the Stochastic indicator
  • stoch_control_2 - value that controls the Stochastic indicator
  • bar - bar number used in trade logic

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