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Grace and Outrage

Grace and Outrage are flexible and effective trading algorithms that show a good potential on a majority of symbols across 18 timeframes. In fact the same settings can test very well on many timeframes and instruments. I designed this EA specifically to test well on as many instruments as possible with arbitrary inputs. My intention for this EA is to make money even if the user accidentally sets it up wrong. Grace and Outrage is my personal masterpiece (April 2014). I have written a 7 page manual with analysis and complete details and instructions of how to use this bot properly.  It will be hard for the user to mess up ;)

Download and read the manual now and review all the other documents which are available from my first comment in the "comments" section.

Please read the manual before asking me anything about the EA or posting any comments. Anyone who buys Grace and Outrage can have all my EAs past and future for free just by asking me and confirming the payment number.  

Thank you and get ready for an incredible trading experience! 

2015.09.06 07:51 

I am using different EAs in my trading routines, and I have decided to try this one too. At first I was really happy about tester results of demo version, they were really good. I have contacted author of this EA, he has confirmed everything stated in the EA description, and even sent me more examples.

I am using it for few weeks already on live account, and had only one day when EA lost some money. That means that 9 out of 10 trading days are profitable, and profit covers all loses with big overhead. Even when other EAs were losing money due to unexpected trend change - Grace and Outrage just stopped to trade at all, it was amazing to feel that my funds are protected against bad circumstances. I cannot reveal my trading strategy, but I do full parameter optimization almost every day, use high risk multiplier, and I am planning to double my account in one month with help of this EA.

Currently it is the best EA I have ever met, A++

*update on 2014.10.03

Its already two months, and I am still happy with Grace and Outrage. EA will open and close orders in right situation when optimized properly, and optimization results itself are close to real ones you would see on account. But I must correct my previous statement - high risk is bad idea on this ea. Equity on important news can start to go down rapidly, and ea will use averaging technique to get back positive profit. If you have high risk level you will just run out of free balance for averaging, and this might end with order stop out by broker. Risk=1 will let ea use 0.01 lot per each 1000 on balance; and risk=10 (0.1 lot per 1000) is already too high. If you are ok with constant monitoring of ea - you can set risk 50, and close all orders as soon as equity will go down after news, this way you easily can double your balance in month, but you will have to do constant ea monitoring day and night.

EA behaves differently on different currency pairs, its best to test it on demo account for at least two months with as many currencies as possible, then you will get overall picture according to your optimization preferences.

And another thing - there is new ea called "Grace and Outrage 2" by the same author, I would suggest to switch/buy the new one. According to tests it has overall the same profitability, and it is more cautious in terms of equity drops. In case of losses it will not use free balance for averaging, but rather close order and later open next one to cover losses. This is much better for completely automated trading, especially with set high risk, or with low starting balance.

*update on 2015.09.06

Unfortunately This expert advisor is not profitable anymore. Check author signals for other great advisors.