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Advanced Fibonacci Tool MT5

The indicator is the advanced form of the MetaTrader 4 standard Fibonacci tool. It is very reasonable for serious Fibonacci traders.

Key Features

  • Drawing of Fibonacci retracement and expansion levels in a few seconds by using hotkeys.
  • Auto adjusting of retracement levels once the market makes new highs/lows.
  • Ability to edit/remove any retracement & expansion levels on chart.
  • Auto snap to exact high and low of bars while plotting on chart.
  • Getting very clear charts even though many retracement and expansion series drawn on it.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

  • Shift+E: Initiate a new expansion drawing sequence.
  • Ctrl+Shift+E: Remove all expansions placed on a chart.
  • Ctrl+Shift+X: Remove last expansion placed on a chart.
  • Shift+X: undo last click when clicking ABC’s.
  • Shift+R: Initiate a new retracement drawing sequence.
  • Ctrl+Shift+R: Remove all retracements placed on a chart.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z: Remove last retracement placed on chart.
  • Shift+Z: undo last click when plotting retracements.
  • ESC: stop drawing when tool is active.

Indicator Parameters

  • Text Font - Font of any text on chart can be adjusted.
  • Font Size of Retracement Levels - Size of texts for retracement lines on chart can be adjusted.
  • Color of Retracement Levels - Colors of retracement lines and texts on chart.
  • Width of Retracement Levels - Width of retracement lines on chart.
  • Font Size of Expansion Levels - Size of texts for expansion lines on chart can be adjusted.
  • Color of Expansion Levels - Colors of expansion lines and texts on chart.
  • Width of Expansion Levels - Width of expansion lines on chart.
  • Custom Retracement - Any user defined retracement level can be displayed.
  • Custom Expansion - Any user defined expansion level can be displayed.

Please see below video showing how it works.

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