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SpotLight EA

This is a multi-strategy EA. In the night scalping mode, the filters filter a trend-free range market environment and trades are placed in the opposite direction at the edges of the range. With an additional main trend filter in the trend-following mode, you can also trade pull-backs during trends on the day.


  • UseDrawDown if true then drawdown mode is active
  • MaxAllowedDrawDown close all trades if drawdown more then x %
  • Trading Hour Start EA operation start hour
  • Trading Minute Start EA operation start minute
  • Trading Hour End EA operation end hour
  • Trading Minute End EA operation end minute
  • Use Close Time Mode if true then close time mode will be taken into account in trading
  • Close Hour hour, in which the EA closes open trades
  • Close Minute minute, in which the EA closes open trades
  • Allowed Spread max allowed spread
  • Slippage max allowed slippage
  • Use LotMultiplier true means trading with martingale feature
  • LotMultiplier factor for determining how much the lot size should be increased
  • Use Money Management true means trading with automatic lot size calculation
  • fixed LotSize if Money Management is false then trade with this fixed lot size
  • Risk automatic lot size calculation
  • max Lotsize max allowed lot size per trade
  • Magic Number buy magic number buy trade
  • Magic Number sell magic number sell trade
  • Order Comment set your trade comment
  • UseGridFilter if true then GridLevel mode is active
  • GridLevel distance between following trades in points
  • Use Swap Filter if true then the swap will be taken into account
  • Minimum Swap choose minimum swap value
  • YMinutesRange amount of time in minutes to midnight, in which the swap should be taken into account
  • Trend Filter Period M5/M15/H1 period trend filter timeframe M5/M15/H1
  • RSI Filter Period period RSI indicator
  • Indicator Buy Value min RSI value to open buy trades
  • Indicator Sell Value max RSI value to open sell trades
  • Vola Filter Period period volatility filter
  • Vola Filter min min allowed value volatility filter
  • Vola Filter max max allowed value volatility filter
  • Bandwidth Filter min min allowed value bandwidth filter
  • Bandwidth Filter max max allowed value bandwidth filter
  • Use Maintrend Filter if true then both main trend filters are active
  • Maintrend Period fast fast period of the first main trend filter
  • Maintrend Period slow slow period of the first main trend filter
  • Maintrend Filter Period period of the second main trend filter
  • Maintrend Filter min min allowed value of the second main trend filter
  • MaxOpenTrades max allowed number of buy or sell trades
  • TradesFrequencyMins time interval in minutes between opening trades
  • Use virtual TP an SL true means in addition to the existing fixed TP and SL value per trade, a common virtual TP and SL value is determined for all open trades
  • virtual SL value virtual Stop Loss in points
  • virtual TP value virtual Take Profit in points
  • TP Factor factor to determine the Take Profit and depends from vola filter
  • SL Factor factor to determine the Stop Loss and depends from vola filter
  • TP min in Points min Take Profit in points
  • TP max in Points max Take Profit in points
  • SL max in Points max Stop Loss in points
  • Use Safe Mode false means trading without safe mode indicator
  • Safe Mode Indicator Period safe mode indicator period
  • MondayAM true if true then trading Monday AM
  • MondayAMStartTime start time trading Monday AM
  • MondayAMEndTime end time trading Monday AM
  • MondayPM if true then trading Monday PM
  • MondayPMStartTime start time trading Monday PM
  • MondayPMEndTime end time trading Monday PM
Day filter settings for other days are similar
  • UseNewsFilter true if true then news filter is active
  • CloseAfter_BeforeMins if true then already open trades will be closed at start of news period and new trades will not be opened until the end of news period; if false then already open trades remain open at start of news period and new trades will not be opened until the end of news period
  • SymbolsToCheck set news relevant currencies
  • UseHigh/Medium/Low/Impact if true then high/medium/low impact news will be considered
  • High/Medium/LowBeforeMins suspend trading from x minutes before high/medium/low impact news
  • High/Medium/LowAfterMins suspend trading until y minutes after high/medium/low impact news

A description of SpotLight can be found in the SpotLightBlog and a live monitoring here:

MightSG 2020.03.04 02:09 

Great EA, a lot of good features, seller really responsive - giving good supports..

Nur Hariadi
Nur Hariadi 2020.02.12 11:24 

Nice EA

crimson 2019.10.11 04:39 

Great backtest, horrible in real account. Using night 11 setfile, my account burst twice.

11277440 2019.05.13 13:11 

Backtest give very nice result, now testing in demo and live account. Will update again after 1 month :D

11/6/2019 Best EA!!!! able to make profit!!

zero9898 2019.01.29 09:03 

Nice author, but nothing improved.....

Staffan Ofwerman
Staffan Ofwerman 2018.10.23 09:06 

I am using this on a live account and it is doing a great job.

Rob Marchant
Rob Marchant 2018.09.17 00:51 

Been testing for 3 weeks on a vps demo account and so far with great results, going live now will keep you posted :)

Diego Zancoli
Diego Zancoli 2018.06.14 07:27 

I congratulate Thomas on the new EA. Right now the market is very volatile at night, and SpotLight is doing very well.

Version 4.0 2020.01.13
Added the option to select the time frame for the parent trend filter itself
Version 2.1 2019.01.15
fixed some minor bugs
Version 2.0 2019.01.14
- added a virtual TP and SL feature

- added a small martingale feature