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SPD Infinite

SPD Infinite is a fully automated Expert Advisor. The mechanism of this system consists of two factors, by combining fundamental analysis with technical analysis. The first factor is from the market view through the economic, social and political influences that affect the volume. And the second factor is from the analysis of price movements. And the price movement helps determine the trends and patterns that can help to see a better opportunity for trading.

Both factors help to determine the optimal time for scalping because of its high predictability and greater access to liquidity. This EA has passed 14 years back test (2003-2018) and last 4 months from 2018. And in addition, the test results illustrate the forward test in real market conditions.

SPD Infinite v3.4 upgrade:

  • Improved screen display
  • Improved by adding recovery strategies
  • Improve multi-currency trading to open a single chart 
  • For trading, set the currency pair to 8 pairs
  • For testing, set the currency pair to 1 pair only

Key Features

  • Protected by a stop loss and take profit
  • Trades on timeframe: M5 only
  • Initial deposit: $100+
  • Use only five-digit accounts
  • It is recommended to use a low spread ECN Broker


  • MagicNumber - magic number to set the ID for each EA
  • Sym - choose the currency pair to be traded for 8 pairs.
  • Mode_MM - set to " Mode_Test or Mode_Trade "
  • LotSize_MM - set to " Fixlot or Autolot "
  • Risk - risk percentage
  • Lots - lot size
  • SL_MM 
  • SL_Input - enter a parameter value 
  • SL_Dynamic - for automatic setting 
  • sl- stop loss ,points 
  • TP_MM 
  • TP_Input - enter a parameter value 
  • TP_Dynamic - for automatic setting 
  • tp- take profit ,points 
  • Spread - spread value in points
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread value in points
  • Slippage - slippage value in points
  • MaxSlippage - maximum allowable slippage value ,points
  • MoveToBreakEven - enable breakeven point, set true or false
  • LockedInPoints - amount of points profit, in points
  • DDPercentClose - enable drawdown percent close, set true or false
  • DDPercent - set the percentage to cut loss, % drawdown
  • Recovery_Mode - If choosing to use the loss recovery process when set to ‘true’ 
  • RecoveryGap - recovery area, distance in points 
  • xFactor - the initial lot size will be multiplied in the loss recovery process
  • StartTradeTime - set time to start trading
  • EndTradeTime - set time to end trading
  • BrokerGMTOffset - Your Broker GMT Offset
  • TradeMonday_Mode - set ON/OFF for Monday trading 
  • AfterHourMonday - after hours Monday start 
  • TradeFriday_Mode - set ON/OFF for Friday trading 
  • AfterHourFriday - after hours Friday close 
  • CloseOrderFriday - closing profit orders on Friday 
  • CloseProfitFriday - profit amount, in points
  • CloseAllFriday - close all orders on Friday
  • URL_News "http://ec.forexprostools.com/"
  • LowVolatilityNews - Set true or false for Low Volatility News filter
  • ModerateVolatilityNews - Set true or false for Moderate Volatility News filter
  • HighVolatilityNews - Set true or false for High Volatility News filter
  • NonfarmPayrollsNews - Set true or false for Nonfarm Payrolls News filter
  • StopBeforeLowNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Low News
  • StopAfterLowNews - Set minutes for Stop After Low News
  • StopBeforeModerateNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Moderate News
  • StopAfterModerateNews - Set minutes for Stop After Moderate News
  • StopBeforeHighNews - Set minutes for Stop Before High News
  • StopAfterHighNews - Set minutes for Stop After High News
  • StopBeforeNFPNews - Set minutes for Stop Before Nonfarm Payrolls News
  • StopAfterNFPNews - Set minutes for Stop After Nonfarm Payrolls News
  • CloseAllOrdersBeforeNews - Set true or false for Close All Orders Before News
  • DrawNewsLines - Set true or false for drawing the news lines
  • LowColor - Set color for Low Volatility News filter
  • ModerateColor - Set color for Moderate Volatility News filter
  • HighColor - Set color for High Volatility News filter
  • Display Settings:
  • Top - distance from the top
  • Left - distance from the left
Gerhard Füssel
Gerhard Füssel 2018.08.04 01:48 

Update 26.02 2019 :Completely curve fitted EA; using it from Dec. 2018 - Feb. 2019 the REAL results are catastrophic! Money Killer! This EA produces life changing results for sure: from rich to poor.

Giuseppe Cacisi
Giuseppe Cacisi 2018.07.06 14:22 

do not buy it! you will burn all your balance.

4xharmonincs 2018.05.20 23:44 

Even though i had some small losses, so far so good... the 2.0 version release will make things much better. This EA can produce life changing results. Will update after 30 days of use on my live account

Version 3.3 2018.11.20
SPD Infinite v3.3 upgrade:
- Added a new parameter: SL_MM - Set the value of SL_Input to enter the parameter value, or SL_Dynamic for auto
Version 3.2 2018.11.13
SPD Infinite v3.2 upgrade:
- Added a new parameter: TradeFriday_Mode - Set ON/OFF for Friday trading
- Added a new parameter: start_time - Start trading hour on Friday
- Added a new parameter: end_time - End trading hour on Friday
- Added a new parameter: Comment - Comment Of EA.. ,Set it in sofware
- Change input parameters: Risk - change input double Risk(%) = 15.0 , not input integer Risk(%) = 15 , for example, set it 0.1% ..0
Improved time filter function: "Time_Manually"
- StartTradeTime - set time to start trading
- EndTradeTime - set time to end trading
Version 3.1 2018.07.24
SPD Infinite v3.1 upgrade:
1) Capital defense function:
- Improved function parameters
- Added a new parameter: MoveToBreakEven - enable move to breakeven point, set 'true' or 'false'
- Added a new parameter: LockedInPoints - amount of profit points expected to be earned after moving to a breakeven point, in points
Version 3.0 2018.06.14
SPD Infinite v3.0 upgrade:
1) Capital Defense Function:
- Added a new parameter: UseTrailing - enable trailing, set true or false
- Added a new parameter: TrailingStart - trailing start size, in points
- Added a new parameter: TrailingStop - trailing stop size, in points
- Added a new parameter: TrailingStep - trailing step, in points
- Added a new parameter: DDPercentClose - enable drawdown percent close, set true or false
- Added a new parameter: DDPercent - set the percentage to cut loss, % drawdown
Version 2.0 2018.05.24
SPD Infinite v2.0 updates:
Time Filter Function:
- Added a new parameter: Time_MM
- Added a new parameter: Time_Manually
- Added a new parameter: Time_Sessions
- Added a new parameter: AsianTradingSession
- Added a new parameter: StartHour1
- Added a new parameter: StopHour1
- Added a new parameter: EuropeanTradingSession
- Added a new parameter: StartHour2
- Added a new parameter: StopHour2
- Added a new parameter: AmericanTradingSession
- Added a new parameter: StartHour3
- Added a new parameter: StopHour3