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Fractal TF MT5

Improved Fractals indicator. It can show the fractals of both the current timeframe and a higher timeframe. The current chart is used in calculations, therefore, it is possible to obtain fractals of a non-standard timeframe. For example, the current timeframe is М1, and fractals are from М25. Due to the improved algorithm, no fractal will be missed. Adjustable indentation of fractals for placing pending orders, both in points and by ATR. The indicator does not redraw and can be used in Expert Advisors.


  • TF Multiplier - multiplier of the current timeframe (0 - disabled). For example: current is М1, TF Multiplier=7, М1*7=М7.
  • Indent - indentation.
    • Off - disabled.
    • ATR - by the ATR indicator.
    • Pip - in pips.
  • ATR Period - ATR period.
  • ATR Multiplier - ATR multiplier.
  • Pip - pips.
  • Limit of bars - limit of the calculated bars (0 - disabled) to optimize the performance of the indicator.

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Version 1.1 2018.05.22
Improved the display of the timeframe.