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VirtualTradePad mt4 Demo

VirtualTradePad is a control panel for working with orders in МetaТrader 4: buy, sell, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, close, delete, modify, trailing stop.

VirtualTradePad won 2nd prize in the "Best Graphic Panel in the MQL5 Language" Contest.

You are holding a unique plugin for the MetaTrader 4 terminal - virtual control panel VirtualTradePad.

Lite is a demo version

This demo version of the graphical panel has a limitation on the number of executed commands - only the Close, Delete and Open commands are active. At the end of the demo period, the following message will be displayed on the panel: VTP Demo period is over !!! Buy the full version.

You can also try this panel for the МetaТrader 4 terminal.

You can also try this panel for the МetaТrader 5 terminal.

Detailed manual and description of the VirtualTradePad parameters (in Russian)

Main features:

  • Works on any account type and broker.
  • Does not require specific skills.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Only the most important functions.
  • Quick response to any command.
  • Trade using the keyboard or buttons on the chart.

Working tabs

  1. Positions tab is for working with positions. It includes: opening BUY and SELL, closing, reversing, locking, changing stop loss and take profit, modification, activation of trailing stop, closing only profitable positions, closing only unprofitable positions.
  2. Orders tab provides the work with pending orders. It includes: placing, deleting, building an order grid, working with the distance. Also, working with the magic button, which allows placing pending orders on the chart and snapping stop loss and take profit values at your levels and lines.
  3. Signals tab shows signal from 10 standard indicators and 8 timeframes. It also shows the cumulative percentage of signals in the BUY and SELL directions. It is also possible to open positions automatically when the cumulative signal is exceeded.
  4. INFO tab displays the current specification of the selected symbol, the current stop loss and take profit targets, as well as the profit for the current day, past day, week, month.
  5. CLP tab manages the function for closing by total profit or loss. It allows setting the profit and loss values in points, USD, percents, closing the BUY/SELL directions separately, enabling virtual stop loss and take profit, and checking each position separately. This tab also provides the option to trail the obtained profit.

Important Features

  • When a position is successfully opened, you will hear a sound similar to the same action in the terminal;
  • If there is an error, you will hear the error sound;
  • You cannot place a stop order at a level less than allowed on the trade server or 0;
  • On the BUY and SELL buttons, the change of the Ask and Bid prices is displayed with arrows;
  • The information panel displays the currency pair, the open position volume and the total profit for the currency;
  • There is an option in the input parameters: show/hide tips on mouse over a button, you can also select the language of the tips English / Russian;
  • The Close button stops the application;
  • The Maximize/Minimize button collapse/expand the pane on the chart;
  • The pane can be moved on the chart. To do it, click the upper part of the pane near the Close and Minimize buttons, and then move the pane to a desired position.

Important parameters (the list of all parameters for VirtualTradepad)

  • Sounds - enable/disable sound alerts when opening/closing/modifying positions/orders;
  • HintShow - enable/disable popup tooltips;
  • English - enable/disable tooltips in English. If false, tooltips will be in Russian;
  • MagicNumber - magic number for positions and orders. 0 - no magic number;
  • UseAllMagicFromAllAccount - manage all positions for the given currency pair;
  • CommentOrders - comment to be added to the comment of the position or order when opening;
  • KeyBoardTrade - use keyboard for one-click trading;
  • Buy_KEY - open a BUY position with the D key;
  • Sell_KEY - open a SELL position with the A key;
  • Close_KEY - close positions with the X key;
  • LossCLOSE_KEY - lose only unprofitable positions, not defined;
  • ProfitCLOSE_KEY - lose only profitable positions, not defined;
  • Reverse_KEY - reverse positions with the Q key;
  • Lock_KEY - lock positions with the E key;
  • DynamicLotStopLoss - enable dynamic calculation of the lot based on the specified stop loss as a percentage of free margin;
  • DynamicLotAuto - enable dynamic calculation of the lot as a percentage of free margin and other factors;
  • CoefLotForGridOrders - multiplier for the next lot in the grid of pending orders when used on the Orders tab;
  • AddLotForGridOrders - additional lot per each pending order in the grid when used on the Orders tab;
  • Show_Future_BE_TP_SL - display the breakeven/profit/loss levels on the current chart;
  • Signals_Alert_After_Percent - generate a pop-up alert when the cumulative signal on the Signals tab exceeds the specified percentage;
  • AutoTrade_by_Signals - automatically close the position when the cumulative signal level exceeds Signals_Alert_After_Percent percents.
Ali irwan
2017.07.28 13:46 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2015.01.31 17:55 

Суперская программа. Покупал напрямую. Для ручной торговли просто сказка.

Для торговли с роботами - есть куча фишек.

Вкладка сигналы - иногда подтормаживает, но это и понятно - ведь там на минуточку = 100 сигналов проверяется одновременно (10 тф на 10 индикаторов )

Вкладка закрытие по общему профиту - очень полезная вещь.

2014.09.11 14:12 

отличная работа, хорошая панель.

2014.04.30 08:53 

Good Job.

Version 18.309 - 2018.03.14
Fixed an error related to input of lot size using the keyboard.
Version 18.227 - 2018.03.06
- МТ5: added automatic lot size calculation for futures;

- Added the ability to display the information about open positions on the chart.
--- Including the position direction, lot, current profit, stop loss/take profit (indicating the targets in points and in the deposit currency)
--- ShowInfoPosition - display information on the chart;
--- ShowInfoPositionSize - font size for the text displayed on the chart;
- Added support for font scaling in Windows (font size settings are not available);
- When working with MagicTarget and changing the lot size on the panel, the data on stop loss/take profit on the chart will also be redrawn;
- Updated the algorithm for displaying the current prices on the Positions tab;
- Added support for multiple magic numbers. Updated the MagicNumber parameter: the first number denotes the magic number for opening positions and management. It is also possible to set multiple magic numbers to be managed;
For example:
--- MagicNumber=777 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=true: the EA monitors all positions on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic number 777 on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777,888 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic numbers 777 and 888 (opens positions with the magic number 777) on the current symbol and on the entire account;
--- MagicNumber=777,888,999 UseAllMagicFromAllAccount=false: the EA monitors positions with the magic numbers 777, 888 and 999(opens positions with the magic number 777) on the current symbol and on the entire account;

- When a new object appears on the chart, the panel is refreshed to avoid overlapping of objects on the panel;
- Added support for operation in the strategy tester, but with the limitations of the terminal:
--- It is not possible to enter a value in the EDIT box;
--- The CLP tab does not work;
Version 17.979 - 2017.12.12
Cosmetic changes.

A new parameter has been added: CPL_AUTOOFF_AfterClose allows disabling the "Close if profit or loss" button after closing all positions.
The button is only disabled when ALL! positions are closed.
It takes into account the magic number specified in the EA, as well as the symbol for closing.
If closing only 1 currency is selected and the CPL_AUTOOFF_AfterClose is enabled, the EA waits for all positions of this currency pair to be closed, and only after that the button can be closed!

Bugfix: Fixed the issue with the TP Target calculation in the Info tab while simultaneously using positions with Take Profit and without Take Profit.
BugFix: Fixed dragging of trade levels (Stop Loss, Take Profit) when hovering over the panel and back.
Changes: Changed the coordinates of the profit value shown in the Info tab

The KoefLotForGridOrders parameter has been renamed to CoefLotForGridOrders
Version 17.970 - 2017.11.13
In the EA settings, changed the option for closing the terminal after all trades are closed.
Parameter CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose - enable closing the terminal.
CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose = true.
Terminal is closed only when ALL! positions are closed.
It takes into account the magic number specified in the EA, as well as the symbol for closing.
If closing only 1 currency is selected. If the CPL_CloseTerminalAfterClose parameter is enabled, the EA waits for all positions on the given currency pair to be closed, and cab close the terminal only after that!

Added the Show_Future_BE_TP_SL parameter to CLP - show the lines of the future position closure by total profit or loss..
Attention: it works only on the current symbol and with the 'SEPARATE Orders' mode disabled.
The lines are displayed separately for Buy and Sell positions, or by a common line.
If a line is not shown, then the positions form a lock that cannot be closed by the total profit or loss.
Note: line and price data may be inaccurate for floating spread.
Remember! SELL is closed by ASK, while BUY is closed by BID

Version 17.942 - 2017.10.17
The version has been updated to the latest full version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/2892
Version 17.503 - 2017.05.11
- Fixed the error with the display of fractional numbers on the CLP panel: when entering fractional numbers in the fields Dollars, Percents and Profit trailing

- Added new control buttons to the Positions panel:
LOCK - lock the current positions on the given symbol and magic with 1 cumulative opposite position.
LOSS - close all unprofitable positions
PROFIT - close all profitable positions
Version 17.110 - 2017.01.13
Global update 2017
General changes and improvements:
-Depending on the account currency, added the corresponding icon.
-Improved the function for displaying the trade levels when hovering the panel.
(when hovering the panel, the trade levels of the terminal are disabled, so that the stop levels are not caught when pressing buttons).
-Fixed and improved the function for calculating commission and swap for INFO,CLP.

-Changed the tooltip for lots when enabling the DynamicLotStopLoss || DynamicLotAuto options.
-Added new parameter Show_Future_Line - show the lines and description of the future trade.
This function displays the stop loss / take profit lines of the future trade on the chart, statement in points, price and current profit/loss.
It also displays the position opening line with indication of the lot. If you set the lot to be calculated based on stop loss/deposit in the settings, the EA will display the calculated lot.
-TrailingStop now calculates and considers the commission when trailing the position.
INFO tab:
-Fixed display of the cumulative position type in the Info tab.
-Added the value of tick for 1 lot and for cumulative lot of the opened positions to the TickValue line.
-Added the Commission line for displaying the current commission of the open deals.

CLP tab:
-Added parameter Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points for working with the CLP tab - true - the EA will also consider the lot of those positions during calculation of profit points. This option can be useful in trading on a hedging account with different lots.

For example:
opened 2 SELL positions on EURUSD
SELL 0.01 with profit of 20 and 0.2 USD
SELL 0.02 with loss of -12 points -0.24 USD

-If Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points = false the EA will calculate the "net" points.
In this case, the Profit will be: -0.04 USD or 8 points.
As we can see, the position gained profit in points, but it is a loss in USD.

-If Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points = true the EA will calculate points with consideration of lots.
In this case, the profit will be: -0.04 USD or -4 points.
If calculation of profit is in points and the "Include lots in profit calculation" is enabled,
the EA will find the minimum lot of the provided positions and calculate the Points on that basis.
For example:
Minimum position 0.01, 1 "net" point = 1 point,
If a position is opened with a lot of 0.02, then 1 net point = 2 points with consideration of the lot.
If a position is opened with a lot of 0.05, then 1 net point = 5 points with consideration of the lot.

-Added checking of the input values for closing profit or loss:
If the specified profit is lower than the current - system generates a warning and disabled the closure mode.
If the specified loss is greater than the current - system generates a warning and disabled the closure mode.
If set to 0 and user attempts to enable closure - system generates an error.
-Added the AutoCorrect_LevelCLP parameter:
Only negative values can now be entered to the loss field. If user enters +10, the system automatically converts it to -10.
Only positive values can now be entered to the profit field. If user enters -10, the system automatically converts it to +10.

Only a positive value can be entered in the CLP_TralOptions, otherwise the EA generates an error.

-Revised and improved the MAGIC TARGET button.
-When enabled and line is moved, the type of the future position and lot of the future position is displayed.
-When pressing Place, the EA checks the correctness of level placement, and if the levels are specified incorrectly, yjr EA cancels the order placement and points at the incorrect data.
-Added parameter MAGIC_FONTSIZE = size of text on the chart.
-Added check for the "Distance" field, if Distance ==0, the EA cancels the order placement.
-When using the MAGIC TARGET, the Grid and Distance fields can now be modified.

Version 16.702 - 2016.12.09
Demo version for working on USDCAD on a real account.
Or on any other symbol on demo account
Version 16.128 - 2016.03.29
Added the function to save the settings during the terminal reboot, the change in settings inside the panel, when closing the panel on the chart and attaching the panel to the chart.
All variables and data changes made in the panel are now saved when the terminal is restarted.
If you turn off the terminal and turn it on again - all the parameters will be re-loaded from the global variables.

Added the TrailingProfit function to the CLP tab:
Trailing Stop at Closing.
A new function for trailing profits has been implemented on user demand. In this case, the profit is fixed with some correction. As soon as the profit reaches the specified value, the Expert Advisor saves the current profit level and starts trailing the profit.

For example:
If you made settings for closing at the profit of 10 dollars:
Profit $ - positive closing.
Profit $ - value of positive closing.
TrailingProfit- distance from Profit $, which, when reached, triggers trailing of profit.
If Profit $ is set to 10 and TrailingProfit is set to 5 the Trailing Stop will be set at 5 dollars. The Trailing Stop will come into play when the Expert Advisor passes the 10 dollar line and start moving following the profit. The Journal will show entries about the current profit status.
When the total profit falls below the last fixed level, TrailingProfit, the Expert Advisor will perform forced closing of all position.

The function works for all closure types: Every symbol, Current symbol, Separate BUY and SELL direction, Each order separately.
Version 15.969 - 2015.11.18
Added the SEPARATE Orders option to the CLP panel for separate calculation and deletion of each position.
"Virtual Stop Loss and Take Profit" mode.
For example, if you set closure by loss to $ -5 and closure by profit to 100 points, each trade will be closed separately by a loss of $ -5 or by profit of 100 points.
Version 15.966 - 2015.11.09

Added BUY SELL trend signals (in percentages) to the Signals tab.

Added the ability to hide individual indicators and timeframes for calculating percentages from the Signals tab:

Added the ability to display alert on the screen when using the Signals tab (Note: Signals tab should be active).
If Signals_Alert_After_Percent = 50, then, if the selected timeframe values and BUY or SELL indicators are higher than 50%, an alert will be generated.
Version 15.959 - 2015.11.03
Added parameter "Step TrailingStop" for setting the trailing stop steps:
for example, Step_TrailingStop=1, then the position will be modified every 1 point.
for example, Step_TrailingStop=25, then the position will be modified every 25 points.

Added the Separate BUYSELL option, which allows to calculate and close positions by the net profit or loss separately for BUY and for SELL.

Revised the signal system for the Signals panel.
This tab shows the trend by the timeframe and indicator. Previously signal was shown at the time of its triggering. Now the current trend is shown.
Version 15.915 - 2015.09.16
MagicTarget: Fixed the error in the order placement price with non-empty value of the Distance field
Version 15.908 - 2015.09.10
MagicTarget can now be used without Stop Loss and Take Profit.
If a price above current is set - buy stop is placed
If a price below current is set - sell stop is placed

New color parameters:
color MAGIC_ORDER - Price line color for MAGICTARGET;
color MAGIC_STOPLOSS - Stop Loss line color for MAGICTARGET;
color MAGIC_TAKEPROFIT - Take Profit line color for MAGICTARGET;
Version 15.609 - 2015.06.09
New parameters:
FontSizeTextPrice - Font size for the Price column
Digitss - Display the price for 4-digit or 5-digit quotes
CommentOrders - Comment for orders opened by the panel
Version 15.520 - 2015.05.22

I am glad to present you a new function for trading via my panel in one click — MAGIC TARGET.

MAGIC TARGET is a functional button, a control element of the Orders tab. It is designed for the fast setting of a pending or a market order in the МТ4 and МТ5 platforms.

MAGIC TARGET button automatically defines a placed order type quickly and reliably.

Added parameters for setting a lot by an auto lot from a deposit and a stop loss
extern bool DynamicLotStopLoss=false; // Autolot from StopLoss
extern bool DynamicLotAuto=false; // Autolot from Deposit

Added step parameters for increasing and decreasing the settings (stop loss, take profit, lots, distance)
extern double Step_Lots=0.01;
input int Step_StopLoss=1;
input int Step_TakeProfit=1;
input int Step_Distance=1;
Version 14.528 - 2014.06.03
Added font size settings for users with non-standard font settings in Windows as well as for those who use Windows based tablets.
- FontSizeEDIT - font size for input fields (lot, take profit, stop loss).
- FontSizeText - size of text labels.
- FontSizeArrow - size of arrows in Signals tab.