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UniMartin is a universal Expert Advisor combining trend strategies, grid and martingale. The EA trades in the trend direction, making decisions based on the MA indicator (at least TrendBars amount of bars should closer for a trend to appear). If averaging is necessary, the minimum step is set for the EA. The decision on the need for averaging is made based on original methodology for determining the market volatility (the CoeffOfVolatMarket parameter can be changed from 0 to 10 with any intermediate value, for example: 1.4, 2.5, etc.). The lot size of averaging orders can be increased or decreased (the MultLot parameter can take fractional values). The averaging orders are placed as STOP pending orders. If necessary, they are moved following the price at a distance of PipsTrailStopOrders. If the trend changes, an order is opened in the trend direction, while the opposite branch is averaged further and closed at a profit of ProfitVsTrend. Thus, it is possible to customize the parameters quite flexibly and easily according to the applied strategy for almost any instrument.

The EA works with any broker on any accounts. Recommended leverage is 1:500 and above.

Pairs and timeframes

This Expert Advisor works with any pair and timeframe. Recommended pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY. Working timeframes: M15, M30, H1 and H4.

Recommended balance

The minimum recommended balance for the EA's use is $500 (when using an initial lot 0.01 on the recommended pairs and timeframes).


  • MagicNumber - magic number.
  • Slip - maximum allowed slippage.
  • ProfitOnTrend - the number of profit points along the trend.
  • StepVsTrend - step against the trend, in points (for 4-digit quotes, automatically recalculated for 5-digit quotes).
  • ProfitVsTrend - profit against the trend, in points.
  • PipsTrailStopOrders - distance for trailing averaging stop orders, in points.
  • StepTrailStopOrders - step for trailing averaging stop orders, in points.
  • CoeffOfVolatMarket - coefficient for estimation of the market volatility (0.0-10.0).
  • StartLot - initial lot.
  • StartBalance - balance at which the first order will have the initial lot. The volume of subsequent orders is increased in multiples of the balance. If set to 0, the initial lot does not increase automatically.
  • MultLot - lot multiplier, can be less than 1.
  • MaxStepNumber - the maximum allowable order number in the grid.
  • PeriodMA - period of the EMA indicator used to determine the trend.
  • TrendBars - the minimum number of candles closed below (above) the EMA line, at which a trend change is registered.
  • Comment - comment to orders.
  • WriteLittleInfo - if true, enables the text output on the chart.
  • WriteBigInfo - if true, enables the text output using capital letters on the chart.
  • status_line_color1 - color to output the capital letters on the chart during the BUY trend.
  • status_line_color2 - color to output the capital letters on the chart during the SELL trend.
  • status_line_size - font size of the capital letters on the chart.
  • status_line_font - font of the capital letters on the chart.
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