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Euro Dollar Scalper

Euro Dollar Scalper EA uses Price action, Hedging, Correlations to predict the future price in Forex market. The parameter values need to be updated once in a year or two so that the EA can adapt to the new market conditions.

Manual trading requires the trader spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen to monitor the market and all of his or her trades at the same time.

Also, manual trading is always affected by emotions like greed and fear. Using an auto trading software will eliminate the chances of the trader's emotions affecting his or her decisions.

Well customizable & enhanced strategies to open buy/sell.

Results (minimum deposit: USD 300 & lot: 0.01)

Expert Advisor test results: Euro Dollar Scalper EA having initial deposit of $10,000 has earned $20,255.70 on EURUSD M1 with "SPREAD=(CURRENT)" in the period from February 16, 2017 to February 16, 2018.

Net income comprised $20,255.70 in 12 months, "Lot:Auto Lots: True" and "Drawdown=25%". You can receive similar result data by downloading the demo version and testing it.

Two most important things to remember are

  • Limited! Only 25 sells, after that the EA will be withdrawn from the market.
  • Well customizable & enhanced strategies to open buy/sell.


  • Limited to 25 sells.
  • Only EURUSD and M1 timeframe.
  • Adapt quickly to new market conditions.
  • Minimum deposit is 500 USD and 0.01 lot or use auto lots.
  • Well customizable strategies so that everyone will not trade the same way because trading all the same way is very dangerous and all can easily be manipulated.


  • Hedging - enable hedging. Default is True.
  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of orders. Default is 10.
  • Auto Lots - calculate lot size value automatically. Default is True.
  • Lots - lot size. Default is 0.1.
  • Check Free Margin - check free margin. Default is True.
  • TakeProfit - Default is 19.0.
  • Stoploss - Default is 1000.0.
  • Distance Btwn Orders - distance between orders. Default is 75.0.
  • Trailing StopLoss - enable trailing stop loss. Default is True.
  • Trailing Pips - trailing stop in pips. Default is 12.
  • MagicNumber - magic number. Default is 800000.
  • Slippage - slippage. Default is 3.
  • Spread Max allowed - the maximum allowed spread. Default is 35.0.
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