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TradeHelper 360

The main goal of TradeHelper 360 is to substitute trader's actions when he cannot check charts by himself. While you're away, TradeHelper 360 watches your account status, trades breakouts automatically, uses revolutionary stops that follow trend lines, tracks risk reward ratio, protects your account, sets default stop losses and even moves stop orders to breakeven.

Check all the amazing features and see TradeHelper 360 in action.

Trade breakouts

Trading breakouts was never so easy before. Just draw a line and wait for prices to cross it. TradeHelper 360 will immediately open a position, place stop loss and take profit for you. It doesn't matter if you are trading breakouts from symmetrical triangle or playing trend continuation patterns. TradeHelper 360 will execute trades for you even when you are far away from your trading station.

Use trend lines for trailing stop losses

Discover the most intelligent and dynamic stop losses. Thanks to TradeHelper 360 you can turn ordinary lines into extraordinary trend lines that will act as stop losses. Now your stop losses will move smoothly with trend and along trend lines. In addition, you don't have to worry about false breakouts due to built in buffer system.

Use channel lines for trailing take profits

Maximize gains using innovative take profits. Turn channel lines into dynamic targets when you are trending. During consolidation, transform ascending and descending triangle's lines into floating objectives.

Protect your account from margin calls

Account protection implemented in TradeHelper 360 is the simplest way to control your losses. This built in function will step in and close all your positions when they become too expensive.

Receive mail notifications

Are you far away from home and cannot login into your trading station? It's not a problem if you have TradeHelper 360. Check your mail and stay informed about current account balance, number of open trades, P&L and even all TradeHelper 360 movements.

Watch TradeHelper 360 status from charts

Check number of open positions. Manage account protection. Control risk reward ratio. Set default stops and turn on or off mail notifications.

Set TradeHelper 360 to place default stop loss orders

Decide to risk 1% of your account on a single trade and let TradeHelper 360 place a stop loss for you. Even when you forget to place a stop order, default stop loss feature will do this for you every time.

Withdraw your gains during the game and accumulate profits

Close part of your trade to maximize profits. Minimize risk of washing out your gains in case the market will move against you.

Never let winning trade become losing one

Don't lose on winning trade any more. Let TradeHelper 360 move stop losses to entry prices to secure your gains.



Marcin Kwaśniewski is a private investor, software engineer and founder of TradeHelper and Daily Market Diary.

Francis Dogbe
2016.02.20 01:37 

not really useful for me because parameter are confusing