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Position size calculator Lot calculator

Easy way to calculate the proper lot size for your trade!

Keep in mind that this script works well on USD-based account!

You can use it for any instruments: Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities etc.

This script also works well if your broker uses different lot step on CFDs. For example, no matter if your broker uses 0.1 lot for minimum on DAX or 1.00.

Spread is also taken into account. This script uses the average spread in order to calculate the right lot value.

How to use? (also see photos)

  1. Create a horizontal line on your chart that you would like to trade.
  2. Always change the horizontal line's name to Trade (see photos below).
  3. Write your desired risk in percentage on the Description box. For example: 3. This means you like to risk 3% of your equity with the trade (see photos below).
  4. Locate the horizontal line where you would like to put your stop loss (the script recognizes whether it is buy or sell position).
  5. Run the script.
  6. Enjoy.

For any further help, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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