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Fisher MT4

The Fisher strategy is based on a price movement. New positions are opened when crossing a zero line - Fisher Transform indicator. The default settings are meant for EURGBP H1.

------ Strategy properties -----

  • Amount for a new position [lot] = 0.01.
  • Maximum position amount [lot] = 1.
  • Amount to add on addition [lot] = 1 - same direction signal (no used).
  • Amount to close on reduction [lot] = 1 - opposite signal (not used).
  • Stop Loss [point] = 0 (not used).
  • Take Profit [point] = 0 (not used).
  • Break Even [point] = 0 (not used).
  • Martingale Multiplier = 0 (not used).

------ Fisher Transform indicator parameters ------

  • Period = 10 - indicator period, previous bar value is not used.

------ Take Profit indicator parameters ------

  • Take Profit = 50 - take profit - 50 points.

------ EA parameters ------

  • Stop trading at min account = 0 - if the deposit falls below this value, the EA closes all positions and stops an automated trading (not used).
  • Ensure maximum Stop Loss [point] = 0 - EA sets SL to a certain value. The value is located at the points. For example: 200 means 200 pips for a four-digit broker and 20 points for a five-digit one (not used).
  • Bar closing advance [sec] =15 - number of seconds before the expected bar is closed (not used).
  • Write a log file = false - EA writes events to file when Write_Log_File = true.
  • Custom order comment.

Expert Advisor operation logic

  1. New buy positions are opened under the following conditions: Fisher Transform (Open, 10) crosses the zero line upwards.
  2. New sell positions are opened under the following conditions: Fisher Transform (Open, 10) crosses the zero line downwards.
  3. Positions are closed when reaching 50 points from the last entry price by take profit.


  • Low amount of orders, the minimum is one order per day.
  • Significant drawdown.


  1. It is recommended to download the demo version of the Expert Advisor and launch it on a demo account on EURGBP H1 to verify its operability.
  2. Deposit – at least $100 per 0.01 lot.
  3. Calculate your deposit and lot based on the tests in the terminal so that you can withstand the drawdown.
  4. A small deposit is likely to cause a large drawdown and a loss of an account.
  5. The presence of profit today does not guarantee that it remains tomorrow.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 14:21 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.03.22 14:18 

La versión anterior era buena, pero esta últma no sirve para nada. No compres esto hasta que no se corrijan errores. Cuando se corrijan errores volveré a evaluar. Me parece interesante ese EA pero hay que ir a mejor, no al contrario.

Version 48.0 2018.09.12
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