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Rialtoimitator SmartTrade

The RIALTOIMITATOR SmartTrade Expert Advisor has been developed based on an original trading strategy in the MQL5 programming environment. This product is intended for trading the EURUSD currency pair on the spot market in the MetaTrader 5 terminal.

Technical specifications

RIALTOIMITATOR SmartTrade uses the netting order accounting system in its computations. This is important information, since using the robot on hedging account types will inevitably lead to errors in the computational processes, which in turn can lead to unjustified losses. To prevent erroneous operation, the program provides dialog boxes and tooltips. According to the standard classification of trading robot types, this program refers to the "moderately conservative scalping neural network" type. There are no input parameters. The required information (account type, deposit amount) is obtained automatically. The deliberate absence of customizable input parameters, in our opinion, will save the user from the illusion of profitability by optimizing and fitting to historical data. The volume of all performed deals is also calculated automatically, while leaving the user with the right of manual intervention in the program operation. RIALTOIMITATOR SmartTrade is designed for trading around the clock, which implies the requirement of a stable connection to the broker's servers.


  1. Before buying, download, evaluate and test the demo version RIALTOIMITATOR SmartTrade Demo online: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/28442.
  2. When using RIALTOIMITATOR SmartTrade, use real or demo accounts of the "Netting" type.
  3. It is not recommended to run this trading algorithm on accounts with a deposit less than $500.
  4. The optimal leverage is 1:100.
  5. In case of disconnection from the broker's server for more than 24 trading hours, if there is a position opened by the expert, it is recommended to close the current position manually and to restart the EA.


The studied quality of the historical quotes, stored and provided to the client by various brokers, as well as the speed calculation function (assuming online calculation) used in our algorithm make us doubt the reliability of the data obtained during backtesting, despite the positive results on many specific segments. Online testing of the long-term operation of the trading robot on real accounts continues. Online studies of the operation on other currency pairs were not conducted.

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