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Balance Injection EA is an adaptive expert, which is scanning old signal to catch right Trend and jump to market by creating single order.

Balance Injection Expert users can set their maximal DD in the expert setting and is preferable to attach it to EURUSD chart.

Expert is already pre-set with optimum setting and is advisable to use the default setting for beginner users.

Balance should be at least 5000 USD to keep maximal DD in a good position. 

FOR Beginner Users please use Input Settings in the attached screen images:

Working Pairs :


OR any 5 Digits Pairs in format x.xxxxx

BalanceInjection Setting:

- M : is the Multiplication factor for the reverse Order, According to this Value the lot size will be multiplied sequentially to Balance the Equity with the Old Balance Value.

- ProfitPip : is the desired Profit Pip for the normal trading mode.

- Balance_Profit:  this Value is in USD dollar or according to the Account currency, if you put 50, that mean the system will close the injection mode after adding 50 USD to your Balance.

- lotdeal: is the risk variable and according to this value, the normal lotsize will be calculated automatically depending on AccountBalance.

- maximumlot: is the Maximum lotsize for the Money Management Process.  

- Maximum_DD: Mean the Maximum draw down for the existing Balance, if you type (0.90), that mean the EA will close  all opened position if the Equity lose 10% from the existing Balance.

-Scanning: is a value for the history scanning Period to determine the trend value, and to setup the magic values for Long Or Short trading positions.

-SP : is the accepted Spread value to active BalanceInjection EA.

Note: it is preferable to attache Balance Injection EA to M5 Period, please not attach it to Period 1M.

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