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Night Shift

Night Shift is a fully autonomous night Expert Advisor. The EA analyzes the quiet night market with the GRV indicator and Bollinger Bands indicator. If the time specified by the StartHour and EndHour parameters is received by the EA, it will receive a signal for purchases or for sale, then a signal corresponding to the signal is opened. Orders are closed either according to Take Profit and Stop Loss, or by the time specified in the CloseHour parameter, or by a reverse signal.

The EA uses the Larry Williams capital management system, which automatically adjusts the lot size for the available deposit (if LarryWilliamsMethod = true, then the Lots parameter value is ignored and the lot size is calculated automatically). The robot can work as a scalper and as a normal EA (it all depends on the settings). All orders have Take Profit and Stop Loss. The EA does not use such schemes as hedging, martingale, order grid and the like. The default settings are for trading on EURUSD M15. The recommended minimum initial deposit is $50.


  • Period_BB - Bollinger Bands period;
  • deviation - deviation of the Bollinger Bands indicator;
  • TF - timeframe below the listed indicators;
  • Period_MA1, Period_MA2, Period_MA3 - periods of the Moving Average indicator;
  • MA_Method - Moving Average indicator method (common for all three lines);
  • SARstep - step of Parabolic SAR;
  • SARmaximum - maximum of the Parabolic SAR indicator;
  • Period_ADX - indicator period Average Directional Movement Index;
  • Lots - lot of order;
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit;
  • StopLoss - StopLoss;
  • maxLots - maximum allowed lot of the order;
  • StartHour - time to start trading;
  • EndHour - end time of the auction;
  • CloseHour - time of closing open orders;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • Spread - maximum value of the spread, at which the orders will be opened;
  • Magic - magic number (when trading with one account in different currency pairs, this parameter should be changed, i.e. it is different for each currency pair);
  • LarryWilliamsMethod - use the capital management method of Larry Williams (true/false);
  • LWrisk - percentage of risk for calculating the lot;
  • LWpart - what part of the deposit will be allocated for the evaluation of the lot.

Values ​​are displayed for 4 characters. If you have 5 digits, the Expert Advisor will automatically convert all the values.

hrhaefliger Haefliger
hrhaefliger Haefliger 2018.04.03 13:29 

It is not working with a virtual server