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PlugnTrade ED

Plug’n’Trade ED is a trading robot with a minimum amount of input parameters. The robot is designed for trading the EURUSD futures contract (ED) on FORTS.

Plug’n’Trade applies unique technical indicators for a mathematical analysis of the price movement. Accuracy is the most important thing in trading, therefore the number of trades is minimal. The robot automatically sets optimal stop loss and take profit levels. Plug’n’Trade works on H2 chart. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms.

It needs no optimization and is ready to use.

Instructions and recommendations

Plug’n’Trade should be running on a valid ED contract with H2 period. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms. Therefore, the robot should be enabled before each new candle forms.

Calculations for the first morning candle are performed 5 minutes before the market closes (23:45 MSK). This function reduces slippage.

The robot does not change the contract automatically. This is why, close a trade on an expiring contract before the futures expires and launch the robot on a new one.

I recommend launching a robot on a virtual MetaTrader server not to miss entry or exit points which is most important when the robot takes profit.


  • Volume – fixed volume (number of traded contracts) to be used by the robot if dynamic volume is disabled. Recommended minimum volume is two contracts since the robot fixes a part of profit closing a half of a trade.
  • Dynamic Volume – enable/disable dynamic volume. In case the dynamic volume is enabled, the robot uses a predetermined percentage of the account balance. With the growth of account balance, the traded volume automatically increases, and in case of drawdown – decreases.
  • % of balance to use – % of the account balance to be used for trading if the dynamic lot is enabled.
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Version 2.0 2019.01.07
-Небольшие улучшения для ускорения работы