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About the system:

RUSH is an automated indicator-free system. The Expert Advisor starts trading in small orders in both directions at once. As the price moves, counter-orders are opened at a certain distance.

Recommended minimum deposit:

  • For Standard Forex accounts - 2,000 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.
  • For Mini Forex accounts - 200 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.
  • For Micro Forex accounts - 20 USD with the minimum lot of 0.01.


  • Lot = 0.1 - Lot for initial orders.
  • ProfitPercent = 0.5 - percentage of profit on the deposit, whereby the entire system will be closed.
  • StopPercent = 100 - percentage of loss on the deposit, whereby the entire system will be closed.
  • MinStep = 10 - minimum distance between orders.
  • MaxOrders = 100 - maximum number of orders.
  • DigitsLot = 2 - number of decimal places in the lot value.
  • slippage = 3 - permissible price slippage when placing orders.
  • Magic = 400000 - unique order number.

Real account monitoring:


2017.03.09 18:24 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2015.12.04 05:47   

It dosn`t close all the positions when get profit so it will kill the account

to solve this problem use another expert to close the positions when get the profit


the setting 0.01 lot for every 2000 equity step 15 max open order 50 and I make the profit target 50

use EUR/USD as it is the lowest spread the 2nd OPTION pair USD/CHF

Tamer Soliman
2014.06.04 19:52 

I agree ,and i add my voice to your voice Frank ,it's a very good one ,and i also recommend it (Y) but i recommend to use it with more than 1 pair, to balance each other ;-)

Frank Breinling
2014.06.04 18:44 

Very Good EA. I run it live on EURUSD. Your Broker should have low Spread. And you have to be careful with Lotsizes. When price is going in the wrong direction for a longer time it can eat up your Margin. So be careful with Lotsizes.

Like it very much. Thumbs Up !