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Rhino Scalper

Rhino Scalper is a complex EA that scalps during the transition period between New York and Asian Session. It is to be used on the USDSGD M1 timeframe. Parameters have been optimized for this pair. The strategy is mainly based on analyzing price movements and volatility. It scalps during this period is because data is highly predictable and liquidity is more accessible hence there's a lesser chance of being subjected to negative slippage, because it's going against the trend, therefore if you were to experience any slippage, it would be a positive one. There is no Martingale & Grid used for this strategy.

Currency Pair & Timeframe



  • AdaptiveMode - Toggles on/off adaptive algorithm for trade entries.
  • Risk Management - Toggles risk management on/off.
  • Risk Percent - Lower the value = lower risk, higher the value = higher risk.
  • Lots - Default lot size value.
  • Maximum Lots - Maximum lots to use.
  • Slippage - Allowable slippage value.
  • Enable Trailing Stops - Toggles trailing stops on/off.
  • Trailing Stop (pips) - Min level to start the trailing algo.
  • EnableHedging - Toggles Hedging on/off.
  • Usereversehedging - Toggles reverse hedging on/off.
  • hedgeRiskMutiplier - Risk multiplier for hedging. 1.0 means same risk value as your original open order. 0.5 means half of that. Adjust accordingly.
  • hedgelevel - the pip level that the EA will execute a hedge. For example: 100 would mean that after -100 pips in the negative range, it will open a hedging order.
  • hedgeMagic - Magic Number for hedge orders.
  • Enable Silent TakeProfit - Toggles Silent TakeProfit function.
  • Silent TakeProfit (pips) - Silent TP level.
  • UseReverseTradeOnTP - Toggles reverse trades on TP function.
  • MinReversalLevel - Minimum level for the reverse trades algo to kick in.
  • ReverseTradeTakeProfit - TP for reverse trades.
  • ReverseTradeStopLoss - SL for reverse trades.
  • ReverseMagic - Magic Number for reverse trades.
  • UseDoubleReverseTradesOnTp - Toggles 2nd reverse trades on TP.
  • DoubleMinReversalLevel - Minimum level for 2nd reversal.
  • DoubleReverseTradeTakeProfit - TP level for 2nd reversal.
  • DoubleReverseTradeStopLoss - SL level for 2nd reversal.
  • DoubleReverseMagic - Magic Number for 2nd reversal.
  • Max Spread - Maximum allowable spread for opening new orders.
  • Enable Max trades per Bar - Toggles maximum trades per bar.
  • Sell Maximum Trades Per Bar - Maximum number of open sell orders.
  • Buy Maximum Trades Per Bar - Maximum number of open buy orders.
  • Maximum Trades - Maximum number of open trades.
  • UseCloseAll - Toggles "Close All" exit strategy.
  • GMT Offset - Offset for DST. By default this is set to 0, and it will work with most major ECN brokers. If you set "Start Hour" & "End Hour" as 21 and "GMT Offset" as 2, it will auto calculate and give you a value of 23.
  • Start Hour - Starting hour.
  • Start Minute - Starting minute.
  • End Hour - Ending hour.
  • End Minute - Ending minute.
  • Use_2nd_Time_Slot - Toggles 2nd time filter.
  • Start_Hour2 - 2nd starting hour.
  • Start_Min2 - 2nd starting minute.
  • End_Hour2 - 2nd ending hour.
  • End_Min2 - 2nd ending minute.
  • Use_3rd_Time_Slot - Toggles 3rd time filter.
  • Start_Hour3 - 3rd starting hour.
  • Start_Min3 - 3rd starting minute.
  • End_Hour3 - 3rd ending hour.
  • End_Min3 - 3rd ending minute.
  • Trade on the Last Week of the Year - Toggles trading on the last week of the year.
  • Trade on the First Week of the Year - Toggles trading on the first week of the year.
  • Take Profit - TP level.
  • Stoploss - SL level.
  • Magic - Magic Number for orders.
  • Fast Backtest - Enables fast backtest by disabling information panel. If you want to see the stats panel during backtest, set to false.
  • Enable BackTest GMT Shift - If you were to use 99% tick data with alternating GMT offsets for DST, you will need the EA to shift its Start Hours and End hours accordingly during those time shifts. By turning this on, it will simulate just that.
  • ShowInfo - Show Stats panel.
  • Comment_Message - Comment message for each order.


  • Low Latency VPS (<50ms ping).
  • ECN Brokers with low USDSGD Spreads & swap rates.
  • Low Stops Levels for USDSGD.
  • $1000 deposit.
  • If you have any queries, please drop me a message.

If you have made the full purchase, I will assist & support you personally should you have any problems. Optimized set files & further information are available to purchasers.

AntiquesByDonna 2018.08.03 18:21 

Very disappointed that the Author has abandoned his clients.

BRADLEY PATRICK 2018.07.02 07:47 

The useless MT4 strategy tester showed this EA to be a good performer. So I purchased 1 month and found that this EA has produced zero trades in two weeks on a live account. Useless.

noshali 2018.06.09 15:06 

5 stars based on the back tests and support. Have put on a live account...wish had a big account...will report findings once start trading.

Update July 3, 2018 3 stars

Hardly trades so one tends to use bigger lots...which gets risky...will take years to recover the price paid

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2018.04.29 02:08 

rented for a month we'll see the results

02/04 - 06/04 first week with rhino, only 2 exchanges (positive), too little for the price that is worth.

description in my sygnal. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/411070 (rhino only USDSGD)

09/4 - 13/04, 0 operations.

16/04 - 20/04 0 operations.


Rent = $100

profit = $4.88

BambooKing 2018.04.01 02:39   

rented for a month. I will update after the performence of real account.

Version 3.2 - 2018.07.02
- Minor time bug fix
Version 2.7 - 2018.04.23
- Added AdaptiveMode - This mode will allow Rhino to use a new method of detecting new trade patterns. The purpose of using this mode will allow for higher trade frequency. Set "true" to enable, "false" to revert back to older v2.6 version.
- Fixed time array bug.