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Project 404

Project 404 is a multicurrency Expert Advisor based on the strategy of scalping during low-volatility trading hours, usually from the end of American session till the beginning of the Asian trading session. Risk per trade is 4-5% when closing by stop loss, no martingale or grid. The EA always sets fixed stop losses from 35 to 78 points depending on the currency pair. The operation principle is based on price action, trend direction and values of several indicators.

Trading is performed simultaneously on 8 currency pairs (AUDCAD, EURAUD, EURCHF, EURGBP, GBPAUD, CBPCAD, GBPCHF, GBPUSD). Settings for each currency pair are applied automatically after attaching the EA to a M15 chart of each currency pair. After purchasing the EA, you will be provided with set files for further optimization, as the EA has a great potential and perspectives.

The minimum recommended deposit is only $100, and the recommended deposit is $300. The recommended deposit value has been used in testing, test results can be seen in the screenshots or obtained from testing.

Accounts with low spreads are recommended, preferably ECN.

The EA is currently traded on the Rodent signal.

Parameters of the Expert Advisor: (all parameters are adapted for both 4 and 5-digit quotes)

Main Settings

  • Custom setting - if true, only the manually set parameters are used; if false (default), uses built-in parameters depending on one of the eight instruments
  • SL - stop loss level
  • TP - take profit level
  • Lots - traded lot size
  • Auto MM - automatic lot size, percentage of losses when reaching stop loss
  • Magic - identifier of orders
  • Slippage - slippage
  • Settings of the Bollinger Bands indicator
    • Period - period of the Bollinger Bands indicator
    • Deviation - deviation of the Bollinger Bands indicator
    • Delta Enter - offset from the channel boundaries for entering a trade
    • Min Delta - the minimum channel width for trading
  • Limitations on exiting trades
    • Max spread for close - the maximum spread for closing (only for the sell orders)
    • Skip the spread to close if pips more - ignore the spread when closing sell orders, if the profit is greater than the specified number of points
  • Limitations on entering trades
    • Max spread - the maximum spread for opening a trade (only for the buy orders)
    • Dayly range maximum - the maximum price movement range during the day, starting from Open
    • Size GAP - size of the gap between candles to prohibit opening trades
    • Bar count to find GAP - the number of bars to looks for gaps
    • Pause after loss - pause after an unprofitable trade
    • Size loss - size of an unprofitable trade for pausing
    • Use direction - use pause only for the trades in the direction of the unprofitable one
  • Exiting trades by time
    • Exit minutes - the number of minutes for exiting (0 - disabled)
    • Profit - the number of points for exiting
  • Exiting at a reverse crossing of the channel
    • Need exit? - use this exiting method
    • Distance - distance of the intersection for exiting, in points
    • Profit - profit for exiting, in points
  • Exit when MA changes direction
    • Time frame - Time frame MA (0 - disabled)
    • Type MA - MA type
    • Price MA - MA price
    • Period MA - МА period
    • Profit - profit for exiting
  • Morning closure
    • Morning close - after the start hour till the end hour: 0 - disabled, 1 - move to breakeven, 2 - force close in any case, 3 - close only profitable
    • Start hour - start hour
    • End hour - end hour
  • Trading time settings
    • GMT Offset - time zone, default is 2, suitable for most brokers
    • Trade all days in the same time - trade at the same time on all days of the week (the Monday time is used)
    • SkipDay - day to exclude (number of the day of the week)
    • [Name day of the week] Enabled(for example, MONDAY Enabled) - day for trading
    • Hour begin - start hour
    • Minute begin - start minute
    • Hour end - end hour
    • Minute end - end minute
  • Trade in rollover
    • Open orders in rollover - open orders during the rollover
    • Close orders in rollover - close orders during the rollover
    • Rollover begin - rollover start time
    • Rollover end - rollover end time
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    Version 1.1 2018.03.22
    1. Added the ability to remove stop loss during a rollover to avoid spread expansion. This is done by the 'Disable SL At Rollover' parameter
    2. Optimized the trading parameter for the EURCHF and AUDCAD currency pairs