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Gekko Tops n Bottoms

Type: Oscillator

This is Gekko's Famous Tops and Bottoms indicators. Find important Tops and Bottoms on chart of any symbol or timeframe, based on set of configurations to adjust the indicator to the instrument you are trading.


  • Calculate Tops and Bottoms for the past X Bars: number of bars the indicator will plot Tops and Bottoms for, the fewer the faster.
  • At Least Two Bars Making New Highs or Lows to Confirm: true - only consider a new High or Low when the last 2 bars have Highs or Lows; false - check the last bar only. Use it as "true" to make indicator smoother avoiding false Highs and Lows.
  • Make sure New Top/Bottom is greater than last: default is false, use it as true to remove "noise" and only consider a new Top or Bottom if higher/lower than the last Top and Bottom in the last X bars.
    • Number of Bars for Last Top or Bottom: if true in the parameter above, then specify here the last number of bars to consider for the last Top and Bottom.
  • % Variation from Last High/Low to Confirm New Top/Bottom: enter a value different than 0 to consider a % variation from current High/Low from last, in other to remove noise and avoid false Highs and Lows.
  • Shows Last Top Horizontal Line: show horizontal line for last Top, very useful to use as resistance area.
  • Shows Last Bottom Horizontal Line: show horizontal line for last Bottom, very useful to use as support area.
  • Plays a sound when there is a swing: set it as true and it will play a sound on the MetaTrader Terminal every time there's a new Top or Bottom identified, indicating entry or exit points.
  • Write Logs On Terminal Window: set it as true if you want the indicator to write logs on the Terminal's Experts tab for Top/Bottom swings.
  • Send Mobile Push Notifications: set it as true if you desire to receive Push Notification on the MetaTrader app on your mobile for signal Top/Bottom swings.
  • Send E-Mail Alerts: set it as true if you desire to receive e-mail alerts at the e-mail address configured on the terminal for signal Top/Bottom swings.

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Version 1.11 2018.04.26
Fixed bad garbage indicator arrows shown for data in the past.