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Va Bank Scalper

This Expert Advisor is based on the principles of the "Va-Bank" and "Spring" trading systems.
The Spring principle states that anything the grows sharply and strongly is bound to fall. Or at least be slightly corrected.
These principles have been transferred to the M15 timeframe, resulting in this scalper EA.


  • It traders on all accounts with 4 and 5-digit quotes.
  • Do not use indicators.
  • It does not use risky methods like Martingale, Averaging, Grid, etc.
  • Take profit and Stop loss levels are set for each trade.
  • It is possible to toggle the trailing feature.
  • You can "Reverse orders" to open a buy order instead of a sell order and vice versa.
  • The "Safe rule" option (when enabled) instructs the robot to open two orders with different Tale Profit levels in order to have half of the obtained profit fixed immediately while the other half remains in the market with absolutely no risk.
  • It is also possible to restrict the EA operation by time using the Fall asleep at and Wake up at parameters.
  • The sound notifications when opening and closing trades can use custom audio files in the *.wav format.
  • Marks on the chart in the form of blue or red arrows display the place and time the orders were opened.
  • This Expert Advisor can be used as a basis for developing custom strategies, only a little imagination and resourcefulness is needed.


  • S‌tart Lot - volume of the opened orders.
  • Auto Lot - enable/disable the automatic increase of the trade volume.
  • Increase Lot by 0.01 every: - increase the trade volume by 0.01 lot every <account value>.
  • Take Profit - take profit in points when opening a trade.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points when opening a trade.
  • Safe Rule ON/OFF - enable/disable the "Safe rule".
  • Trail ON/OFF - enable/disable trailing.
  • First Trail (Breakeven) - number of points the price is to move for moving a trade to breakeven.
  • Trailing - move the stop loss level after the price at the specified distance in points.
  • Trailing Step - step for moving the stop loss level.
  • Timeframe - timeframe to look for entry points.
  • Bars count to calculate average - the number of candles to determine the average height value.
  • Impulse Bar Coefficient Min - the number of times the impulse candle must exceed the average value.
  • Impulse Bar Coefficient Max - the number of times the impulse candle must NOT exceed the average value.
  • Reverse Buy and Sell - reverse the Buy and Sell orders.
  • Fall asleep at - hour to stop trading.
  • Wake up at - hour to start trading.
  • Draw Entry on chart? - enable/disable displaying an arrow on the chart, which indicates when and where and order was opened.
  • Play sounds - enable/disable sounds when opening or closing orders.
  • Sound File Name (Open Order) - name of the *.wav file to be used when opening orders.
  • Sound File Name (Close Order) - name of the *.wav file to be used when closing orders.
  • Magic Number - unique identifier of the EA.
  • The EA already has built-in sounds for opening and closing orders. If you decide to use custom audio files, place them to the <MT4_Install_Folder>/Sounds folder and specify the file names in the settings.
  • The default settings are designed for the EURUSD currency pair. Settings for other currency pairs are to be added in the Comments tab.
  • You can also contact me via private messages. I will be glad to answer your questions and help with the EA optimization.
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