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Bond is an Expert Advisor using custom indicators based on candles movements to identify reversal trends and Bollinger Bands.

In case of “wrong” entries, the EA uses a grid of orders with increasing lot size (in an exponential way). The grid size is limited for more safety.

Attention: this EA cannot be used with other EAs at the same time, for the same symbol and in the same account.

This EA is designed to be used with different forex pairs and with some metals, commodities and indices.


  • Optimized to work on M1.
  • Minimum recommended deposit is $500 for initial lot set of 0.01 (for each instrument used).
  • ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results.
  • Use only 5 digits account.


Very simple and fast configuration:

  • MAGICMA - magic number to distinguish orders from others EAs. Attention! If you use the EA with more than one instrument, you should change the Magic Number! For example, you can use 20131118, 20131119, 20131120 etc.
  • waiting – time (in milliseconds) of waiting between closing of one position and the opening of a new one.
  • lotsize – fixed lot size.
  • starttime – time (in hours), at which the EA starts to work.
  • endtime - time (in hours), at which the EA stops to work.
  • maxgrid – maximum number of orders that the grid system will open.

The EA is ready for backtesting using EURUSD M1 with default parameters.

Please feel free to ask me for any doubts using comments or via email.

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